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"Taipei is very wonderful " the exhibition holds communication of travel of stim
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The name is " Taipei is very wonderful " photography is exhibited in Beijing Xin Guangtian ground began a few days ago. 300 photography work presented the urban picture with distinctive Taipei from different point of view, before first days attracted numerous comptatriots of Taiwan is in Beijing and Beijing citizen namely, go to watch.
It is reported, this photography is exhibited by Taipei city sightseeing industry alliance and association of advertisement of Chinese business affairs are sponsorred jointly, exhibit divisional for " landscape Taipei " , " fashionable Taipei " , " recreational Taipei " , " culture Taipei " 4 themes.

The exhibition will last to April 9. Liu Libin of vice-chairman of association of advertisement of Chinese business affairs says when opening speech, hold this photography to exhibit, hope to introduce the elegant demeanour of Taipei to mainland brethren development namely, include what the China culture of come down in one continuous line is in Taipei to accumulate already, the contemporary style that also includes Taipei lives. He expresses, photography exhibits the travel communication of will farther stimulative two sides, deepen the affection of cross-strait brethren.

Yang Xiaodong of chairman of alliance of industry of Taipei city sightseeing expresses: Hope future is between two sides, it is between two cities of Taipei and Beijing, the communication that includes the square respect range such as culture, travel and more of each other kinetic energy, more frequent, the hope pulls the distance of close Taipei and Beijing, the understand one another of brethren of promotional two sides. He expresses at the same time, the main purpose that Beijing goes is to attend " very wonderful photography exhibits Taipei " Beijing exhibits yield results in work to move, publicize the sightseeing of Taipei city. Go visitting Beijing zoo at the same time, garden square refer concerns giant panda to express to the relevant item such as Taiwan, "All round " , " round circle " can arrive at any time Taiwan, wait for Taiwan respect discharged only, he also explains to Beijing respect, taipei zoo will complete installation of all soft hardware before June, receive giant panda to go to a stage with all one's strength.