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Newest 50 when release " diction of clew of civilized travel warmth "
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Carry out for farther conduct propaganda " convention of behavior of civilization of travel of Chinese citizen home " and " Chinese citizen leaves the country guideline of travel civilization behavior " , recently, central civilization does and national tourism bureau released 50 jointly " diction of clew of civilized travel warmth " .
Do to be organized jointly with national tourism bureau by central civilization " draft term of clew of civilized travel warmth " activity, at was in Chinese travel net, China on September 27, 2007 civilized net is mixed people net after 3 websites issue announcement to the society, personage of social all circles is taken an active part in.

Up to on October 15, 2007, get correspondence, mail in all 528, "Diction of civilized travel clew " 1765.

Judge at the beginning of the course, answer judge, singled out diction of clew of warmth of 50 civilized travel.

Announce this " diction of clew of civilized travel warmth " , aim to drive what quality of civilization of Chinese citizen travel acts to fulfil further, travel in Chinese Olympic Games year arisen " greet an Olympic Games, tell new wind of civilized, tree " climax, be Beijing Olympic Games hold build good atmosphere.

50 selected " diction of clew of civilized travel warmth "

Wait with Yu Jing area, greenbelt, forest public

1, trash is not thrown in disorder, bearing shows civilization

2, take away your rubbish please, leave your goodness please

3, cherish an environment, you have me to have him; Civilization travels, interest of hoggish benefit state civilian

4, stay all the way clean, take away a suit joy

5, swim the world mountains and rivers-land, keep track only a string

6, civilized travel, harmony gets along

7, beauty is blossomming, do not disturb at will please

8, be kind to an environment, care nature

9, besides footmark and smile, whats do not stay

10, leisurely forest affection, inch heart of very little fire prevention

11, swimming You Tian issues You Shan, patriotic love home loves nature

12, the show mercy below the foot, lawn leaves blueness

13, spend one grass all life, one leaf always closes one branch affection

14, civilized each pace, wonderful each scene

15, civilization is the most beautiful scenery

16, admire famous places and historical sites, become civilized visitor

17, beautiful scenery is admired for the person, goodness lets a person revere

18, civilization and landscape are in together harmony and scenery are concomitant

19, the trials of a long journey always is affection, civilized travel passes good name

20, fall beautiful may not is intended, defloration is certain and merciless

21, breath out slowly! What do not disturb the history please is contemplative. (Use at museum)
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