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Hangzhou sets line of the travel on enlightened water many travel commercial and
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This year National Day, hangzhou " Xi Xi wet ground - 5 constant harbor - Yu Hangtang river - the canal " , "The canal - triumphal river - on pond river " circuitry of the travel on these two water is about to debut. Yesterday, hangzhou city is built appoint the progress that reported put together of these a few wadi to keep the job. The reporter understands, in the victory riverside will set market of an ancient water, will be in dispersedly henceforth the historical culture of arch villa area will gather together here.

Cong Xixi arrives the canal, arrive from the canal on pond river will establish commercial and transportation center of 30 travel bus. Go up among them pond river circuitry decorates 19 sites, river of more than Hangzhou pond - circuitry of 5 constant harbor decorates 9 sites, triumphal river decorates 2 sites. Will mix in triumphal river at the same time 5 constant harbor build two lock.

Yu Hangtang river - the site that circuitry of 5 constant harbor decorates has: Big station of Xi Xi station, Jiang village station, short for Zhejiang Province, ancient mound station, ancient emerald green station, harmonious station. Will live in henceforth below the citizen of area piece is OK very take yacht to the site conveniently: Hangzhou business of village of village of one cotton plot, emerald green center, Jiang lives village of area, politics center, Wen Dingyuan, short for Zhejiang Province is big campus of violet gold harbor, Jiang Cun lives area, Xi Xi is wet the ground.

The site that pond river circuitry decorates on has Ding Qiao station, Jian man station, China in station, half hill station, Hangzhou Bo station, jubilate to always could there be station of crossing of station, Shi Xiang, on pond station, big close station, Dong Xinqiao station, . The lot that along the line involves basically has forge iron to close tourist attraction of living area, crape myrtle garden, morning sunlight large living area, subway 1, station of 5 Xian Genshan doors, Jiao Jiacun is public transportation university of industry of central station, Zhejiang, De Sheng is large living area, big close.