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Shanghai person leaves the country tourist all 17281 yuan of halves shop
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Reporter from what release in Shanghai " Chinese long triangle leaves the country travel market reports " in know, the rate of go on a journey that Shanghai often stayed in to swim last year outside dweller condition achieves 12.42 % , leave the country go abroad total flow makes an appointment with 2.05 million person-time. And in the report special mention, shanghai dweller left the country last year tourist all is consumed it is 17281 yuan, form in this one consumption in, 47 % are used at shopping, and necessary expenditure of the journey is 53 % only.

The report shows, shanghai person leaves the country the average expenditure that before swimming, is used at buying viatic articles for use is 2556 yuan, the average expenditure that after answering Shanghai, is used at rinsing a photograph to wait is 366 yuan, leave the country swim average expenditure is around 2922 yuan. In respect of the accommodation outside the condition, hotel of 4 stars class is the first selection of Shanghai person, it is SamSung class hotel next.

In the meantime, in going 6 years, shanghai person leaves the country swim destination extended 5 continent from Asia and the Oceania. The report shows, arrive from 2002 2007 6 years, shanghai person leaves the country through forming a delegation in swimming flow direction, the Asia is discharged from beginning to end in the first place, number of go on a journey from 2002 one hundred and fifty-seven thousand two hundred 435 thousand to last year, year all amplitude is 35 % . Those who stabilize growth is Oceanian, from 2002 13 thousand 59 thousand to 2007, year all amplitude 71 % . Add fast the fastest is Europe, arrive from the 53 people 2002 one hundred and twenty-four thousand nine hundred last year. America swims only then 2004, arrive from 602 people the 9184 person-time last year, grow 15 times. Africa swims to also warm up quickly, arrive from the 1298 people 2003 15 thousand last year.

As leave the country swim destination is increasing, occupy Shanghai person to leave the country so swim the Xin Matai number of mainstream market somewhat fall after a rise, if Singapore swims,arrive from the seventy-one thousand one hundred fall after a rise 2004 fifty-nine thousand two hundred last year