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Tibetan Lhasa travels to restoring stage by stage
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"We are right the development foreground of tourism holds very big hope this year. " 31 days, river of director of bureau of Lhasa city tourism says, the Olympic Games is the sports grand meeting of complete mankind, be sure to more tourists come to China at the appointed time. "World ridge of a house, magical Tibet " travel sightseeing comes before also be sure to attract domestic and international tourist, this brings very big turning point to Lhasa tourism development.

Recently, as Lhasa manufacturing life order returns to normal gradually, travel department receives the advisory telephone call of a few domestic and international travel agent and tourist in succession, search ask into Tibet travel goes to the lavatory now, even guest of a few knapsack had set foot on the journey that enter Tibet.

"If Tibetan tourism can restore to open as soon as possible April, produce order normalization, pass each square joint efforts, firm this year travel objective still can come true. " Za Nuo of deputy director general of municipal tourism bureau says, tibet participates in travel directly have nearly 20 thousand person from personnel of course of study, amount to 130 thousand much person from personnel of course of study secondhand, these people should rely on travel to have a meal, time of close a business cannot too long, live those who affect them normally otherwise.

The statistical data that occupies department of Lhasa city travel shows, in March 17 since, lhasa tourism is restoring stage by stage. In speak of next when working train of thought, river say, it is to make preparations congress of development of estate of travel of good Lhasa city and found city of Chinese optimal travel to arouse congress, clear thinking of analytic situation, manage, specific target, exact location, the dominant industry that regards Lhasa as tourism will breed and be made, contend for actively at the same time start city of Chinese optimal travel; 2 it is to increase strength of domestic and international propagandist sales promotion, recommend meeting, press conference through travel, the information that improves Lhasa travel environment in time delivers the outside, dispel tourist worry, restore the confidence that they travel into Tibet; 3 be it is bibcock in order to plan, strengthen tourism infrastructure construction, the key has been done " one ala is assisted twice visit an area " and " one annulus a gleam of " construction of travel program infrastructure, the nameplate design that at the same time the near future will complete line of travel tourist attraction and the construction that install toilet of the job and travel.

As " 3 · 14 " of incident appease, the person that countrywide each district was in business into Tibet by train recently and works is day-to-day grow in quantity. Yesterday 17 when make, the park on the road before railway station square the 100 of all kinds car that go accepting a person before much stage, the railway station restored the busy picture former days basically.
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