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33 city of Beijing belong to museum to be opened freely
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On March 28 morning 9 when, the Wang Xiuli that lives in fort of home of horse of area of Beijing abundant stage makes the chief audience that receives after capital museum free of charge. Since this day, 33 Beijing such as capital museum belong to museum to begin to execute look around freely.

As we have learned, free first days, share nearly 10 thousand audience to walk into 29 museum, among them, capital museum greets a guest to reach 1300 more than person. Have 4 museum that include free open list likewise additionally, at present is in reparative, om a few days also will formal open freely.

Before Beijing belongs to museum to be opened freely, because the partial museum of city of a few provinces predicts to be not worth to opening a case freely beforehand, after be being opened freely, audience amount jumps, a few uncivilized phenomena and safe problem subsequently and come, if individual audience disregards museum provision, feeling of do sth without authorization, climb climb item on display, by attaint of the damage of museum hardware establishment that jam brings, item on display, even individual audience is squeezed.

Be aimed at lessons drawn from others' mistakes, beijing belongs to museum this " have equipment and leave " .

Kong Fanshi of director of bureau of Beijing cultural relic says, include the Beijing of free roll this each museum, to recieving a service personnel undertook specific aim groom before this, undertook transforming to the equipment inside the house, wove lash-up beforehand case, a lot of museum still transfer from second line branch designedly personnel, in open area assistance begins the work such as dredge of audience service, stream of people. In the meantime, reach the safety of house audience to make sure museum opens cultural relic of area, holding, each house acquires generally how to check safety of first class of explore of system, monitoring to be on guard completely establishment, when the audience enters a house, all need to accept install check to coexist bag. Han of standing deputy curator still always discloses capital museum, head the audience that rich visits to coming round executes billabong, have the audience that make an appointment, get a ticket to enter a house directly; Without the audience that make an appointment, but the spot queues up to deal with make an appointment.

Open freely, major museum is intensifying the preparation of square field surface. And new issue is, each want those who eat free food " you " , ready-made?

At present, walk into which museum casually, visiting side of individual audience side chats aloud, chase after run the phenomenon that fight noisely, as before everywhere is visible.

In capital museum, spend 10 thousand yuan of about a hundred made communal label utilization rate to be not worth 30 % , many audiences are used to as before often to clerk ask the way, "Girl, where is the toilet? Where is the toilet??
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