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Pure Brightness holiday experiences folk custom to Hainan " in March 3 "
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Miao Zu of Hainan the Li nationality " in March 3 " it is place's annual royal people red-letter day. This year " in March 3 " just meet holiday of general holidays of the first Pure Brightness, the plan gives the visitor that goes to Hainan, can admiring intertropical island beautiful scenery while, understanding and experience do not provide the ethical amorous feelings of characteristic to Hainan.

This year Hainan " in March 3 " the section is celebrated advocate the assembly room is set in the autonomous county of Miao Zu of the Li nationality in fining jade with a mountainous area the five fingers. Since April 6, the county in fining jade will hold song of large Li Miao to meet, shoot rod of crossbow, top to wait for contest of minority tradition sports, li Miao is traditional dress, fastfood be on sale, the tradition makes craft of contented, brew praise wait for an activity, reveal the goosefoot seedling culture of former zoology in the round.

It is to the life for the Li nationality of Hainan island and Miao Zu, the traditional Chinese calendar the traditional festival that March 3 is love of pursuit of young men and women and happiness. "In March 3 " because of value of its people culture, the stage of the first batch of countries that has entered sanction of the State Council is immaterial culture bequest directory. Nowadays, old folk-custom festival by infuse times connotation, make significant local folk-custom economic and trade activity, also be one of travel festivals with most main Hainan. From April begin first, be in 3 inferior, the activity that Bai Sha and other places can hold rich and colorful. At the appointed time, tourists can attend bonfire evening party, sample the porket that bake, Miao Jiasan lubricious meal, bamboo slip meal, the culture that experiences brethren of Miao Zu of the Li nationality personally lives.

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