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"Make an appointment travel " popular Guangdong

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As " worker belt firewood is off byelaw " carry out, more and more citizens choose escape golden week, in off-season go on a journey. A few travel agent of Guangzhou rolled out product of travel of New year holidays recently, urge a citizen " make an appointment travel " , through shifting to an earlier date to travel agent " next sheet " book, enjoy price privilege, get the favour of many citizens.

The reporter understands in interview, " worker belt firewood is off byelaw " after carrying out, many duty field personages plan to use New year holidays to go out travel. Current, a few travel agent of Guangdong had begun to prepare for war actively " New year holidays travels " . The hostel with Guangdong's biggest wide travel agent was released recently 2008 " double actor New year holidays travels " product, enclothed leave the country swim, give a province to swim, free travel Wu of each great undertaking, first product exceeds 60 line.

Carbonado according to Zheng of wide force president, president the introduction, extensive force announced circuitry of travel of New year holidays to arrive from January a period of send a manuscript to the compositor December and quote, roll out value step privilege, mention morning paper name more, the price is more favourable. Swim with Australia for exemple, the citizen can shift to an earlier date now the reef of Australia big fort that name of 8 monthly magazine set out on December 5 is intertropical glamour swims 8 days, the price is person of thirteen thousand nine hundred and eighty / , because shift to an earlier date,3 months above signs up, what can obtain 700 / person is favourable.

"Job of outer at ordinary times look forward to is very busy, do not have time to rest, carry out this year take salary off system, I plan to ask for leave to go out to play together with the madam ahead of schedule, can keep away from already so the jam of the golden week, still can enjoy many privilege. " Mr Li that in extensive force advisory Malaysia Sha Ba swims tells a reporter, same a circuitry, the price of go on a journey and Spring Festival golden week were compared in April, dropped nearly 50 % , one person price is OK two people go on a journey.

Reporter from Guangzhou understanding of each big travel agent arrives, as " worker belt firewood is off byelaw " carry out, this kind of travel means that books ahead of schedule has been accepted by more and more travel lover, many citizens wait for time of go on a journey, destination make good arrangement, ahead of schedule to travel agent " next sheet " sign up, enjoyed many price privilege.

"Make an appointment the advantage of travel is clearly. " Gu Xuncai of general manager of travel of nation of chairman of association of Guangzhou area travel agent, Guangdong says, to the tourist, if can be booked ahead of schedule according to oneself holiday, can enjoy satisfactory service not only, still have certain privilege. And to travel agent, can shift to an earlier date to have meticulous plan to the journey according to the tourist's demand, be opposite better eat, live, wait for a respect to make arrangement all right, still can save cost on each link, avoid malign competition.

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