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Beautiful river self-help swims strategy
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From " a meter of sunshine " teleplay begins, in my brain, li Jiang is the place that I must go to, however the business of urbanism, also always cannot embark on a journey. Till last month, the Candy that just came back from Li Jiang, after respecting Li Jiang the sort of is intoxicated, facilitated eventually the brigade of dream of my this Ci Lijiang.

One. Scheduling:

1.Shanghai -- Li Jiang traffic:

A. Plane: Shrimp? Li Jiang, full 2430 yuan big, I am in carried Cheng to decide 7 lose airline ticket, duty is contained to also want 1850 yuan after folding.

B. Plane: Shrimp? Kunming. The discount is very low, can take 4 lose airline ticket. Considering want the left and right sides 8 hours to Li Jiang by car from Kunming, I still choose Li Jiang of non-stop flight to. Money and time photograph are compared, I feel or choose time.

2.Li Jiangjing is reached to order liaison man inside city
A. From Li Jiang the airport has a bus to beautiful river urban district, but have a line only, terminus is in blue sky guesthouse, fare 15 yuan a person, seem to the airliner descends to have bus car, without giving thought to when.
B. Each exit of Gu Cheng have a lot of bun cars, go the tourist attraction can make an appointment with a few people to be hired together, the price is not high. Gu Cheng is very much also local draws a customer, fair-spoken, let me feel bad, let hotel proprietress Yang Zi help the driver that looks for acquaintanceship.
C. Ancient city entrance has a bicycle to rent, if you are not afraid of,bask in, buy Zhang Jiaoxiang's detailed map, cycle can yet be regarded as a kind of very good recreational means. We rode two-men bicycle to walk along bundle of river - Bai Sha - Yu Feng temple - Li Jiang. One the world comes LG is tired die partly! I, return so that leaving effort to shop, basically go to work do not exert oneself. The man's action, be in with respect to expression this moment.

2. Old law of be economical of beautiful river accommodation

Guesthouse of 1. beautiful river is very much, relatively high-grade astral class hotel basically is in new city. Li Jiang recieves the whole nation every year greatly small conference is too much, if merchant of these astral class wine provide a service for travel agent, proposal or the hotel that live in ancient city are bit better. Live in new town public house meaning of honest it doesn't matter.

Ancient city of 2. Li Jiang basically is domestic hotel, low-cost come have ethical distinguishing feature more. Rebuild by Na Ximin house commonly, it is the wooden type construction that leads court. If not was in Gu Cheng,living to beautiful river cannot experience the sort of lying fallow that feel sweetly again.

Hotel of 3 beautiful rivers had better shift to an earlier date on the net had booked, because Gu Cheng is bit better hotel is not old, good room is more popular, be like: The 2416 hotel that a thousand li visits odd to ride, Chinese ivy hotel, set one's mind at hotel often book full, watch scene room and flatlet especially, must book Li Jiang of A excessive Can ahead of schedule so travel net or China have a lot of hotel on ancient town net, can order with hotel boss connection or generation directly, the real name of net of travel of A Yili river attestation hotel is pretty good, suggest in this intermediate choice has been compared, of course we recommend hotel of Li Jiangan heart, especially then Zhang Chaokuan exceeds boss of strong annatto big bed to say " how to boil to go " , laugh directly broke up.
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