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Strategy of go on a journey of section of referenced plum monsoon
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Enter plum rains season, go out amuse oneself should notice a few more the following problem:
1, arrive monsoon, have some of highway road condition is very bad, cannot foresight is tall, be in please piece the attention listens to weather forecast before travel, decide the journey according to weather situation.

2, rain gear, if you are pedestrian, mountain-climbing, by bicycle, the self-help of expeditionary and so on travels, the garment of the assault on the belt before suggesting you set out, pants that prevent rain, prevent rain boot. No matter be self-help or ginseng group,notable is, suggest to take comfortable shoe, the travel shoe that had better be major or climbing boot a kind (can waterproof) . Prepare a few clothings, sock to change more with.

3, monsoon advances in country, should notice escape sinkage particularly, be like brook of channel cereal, river, avoid to get the menace of mountain torrents and cave in.

4, if encounter smoother, blast,soup waits in country, should stop to advance, avoid fall in cliff or in cave, when waiting for climate to improve, go again. Country advances not to overestimate oneself physical strength, when exhaustion, answer timely rest. Do not go fast tired broke down to just rest, not allow in that way easy refection, go to also carry disinclination again. Accurate method is to walk along a paragraph at a stride, loosen again slowgoing slow travel a paragraph, or stop rest a little while, adjust breath. When standing to rest, do not want discharge to drop apparel blanket roll, a club can be propped up below knapsack, load in order to reduce the body. The air temperature on hill is average on the low side, do not sit on stone to rest, stone will be rapid absorb the quantity of heat of the body.

5, if take,drive oneself travel, the performance that should check good car beforehand and those who assure a driver drive level, such if encounter cave in, mud-rock flow, the opportunity that passes is greater.

6, should learn a few protect oneself save oneself method. Once encounter the situation such as cave in, mud-rock flow, normally the circumstance does not want adventure, come to help and make sure communication is expedite what had better await relevant section.