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Lhasa self-help swims complete strategy
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Believe a lot of Lhasa people have such experience: Friend comes from distance they have 1 week vacation only, subtractive receive Tibet and return two days journey time, the time that is in Lhasa has 5 days only. How to use up the appropriate of the landlord in these 5 days, the friend that gives distant place has become a conduct a sightseeing tour, the author gives out to suggest below with his experience.
Museum of the first day of Tibet -- Luobulinka

You Xi hides a lot of people to often pay close attention to Tibetan hill, water, temple, and the consideration that overlooked humanitarian to Tibet landscape. In fact, travel to a place, having one tourist attraction is the history of market place, culture, custom is big into- - the museum that is each district then. Visited museum, to you next the trip has profit greatly, it can add your knowledge place touch, can let you swim in vain obviously. So your friend comes to Lhasa, the first station should take them to arrive Tibetan museum, tibetan museum is my area only - the museum of tourist attraction of travel of a 4 class A. House center opening door is fastened kind detailed the history that showed Tibet, culture, art and natural zoology, it is a when understand Tibet crash portal. And Tibetan museum configuration has opportunity of free speech tourist guide, you also need not because of the plaque lack of knowledge of Tibetan history major awkwardness.

Visit Tibetan museum, if your time is abundant, if physical strength is abundant, might as well the Luobulinka on the driveway goes looking around. Luobulinka is 18 centuries metaphase 7 worlds amount to the Xia Gong that bilks lama to build, tibet was saved inside the first car and foreigner send amount to the radio that bilks lama, West is drawn and a lot of is in to be modern West to play at that time meaning. In addition, there still is the zoological garden in Luobulinka, there is the rare animal of a lot of Tibet mainlands not only inside, and the animal such as peacock of tiger, lion was introduced newly still 2004, if your friend likes an animal, look into garden and tease funny animal people, the journey that also calculates hardship solves recover from fatigue.
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The following day the Potala Palace

Come to Lhasa, do not go the Potala Palace is just as your person is regretful like going to Beijing be less than Forbidden City. Cloth amounts to the road in pulling an official to be located in Beijing, it is Lhasa city differentiates the central axle of the thing. It establishs Yu Gongshan over, it is the structure with top Lhasa, almost you are in Lhasa any corner even you pile Long Deqing county and Da Zi county far in a few kilometers you can see the Potala Palace.

The Potala Palace is world culture bequest, be Lhasa is indicative, it is the swims surely place of building of palace of tourist understanding Tibet, Buddhist history and Buddhist art. It does cloth to build Yu Gongshan at coming 633 years 640 years by soft support at first over, mutual room 999. 5 worlds amount to Lai Yu to built the White House 1647 after, as amount to Lai Ju place and office place. 1690, department mulberry writtens guarantee fine arrange builds red temple, red palace is to amount to hall of Lai Ling tower. 13 worlds amount to 20 centuries when bilking lama, add again built solar temple. Structure of interior of the Potala Palace is complex, divine Buddha statue and hall are more.
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