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Yellow hill self-help swims whole strategy
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Yellow hill beautiful scenery

Go wanting to understand Huang Shan somewhat above all before Huang Shan, what we want the Huang Shan that ascend, fizzle out namely hill beauty spot, be located in Shang Kou, and the urban district that collect brook is Huang Shan, arrive at yellow hill beauty spot to still have 64 kilometers, car Cheng half hours or so.

Huang Shan has 4 absolutely: Strange pine, strange stone, sea of clouds and hot spring, weather forecast must see before mountain-climbing, because of Huang Shan 365 days, having 252 days is rain, if go up,you see the word that hill is weather of overcast and rainy impossibly at all sunrise and afterglow, strange stone, strange hill, and the tourist attraction all of a lot of far view is of mist, lose sight of at all, hear a word that come just like me, wet goes to Huang Shan below, "Do not climb lotus money Bai Hua, climbing lotus is goofy " . But also not be to say to rain bad, on Huang Shan even if rain likely also at any time in sunshine, so best, sea of clouds and rainbow can see after rain.

The beard before mountain-climbing prepares

Tool: Medicines and chemical reagents (according to individual circumstance) , cane (2 yuan) , poncho (1-2 yuan, it is a bit better to choose quality) , map (2 yuan) , flashlight (see sunrise) .

Dress: Cap (basically prevent rain, like Shanshangyi won't too bask in) , sunglass, coat (temperature of morning and evening is very low, convenient see sunrise sunset) , change wash the dress two (if if want,lodging on hill) , travel shoe.

Food: Mineral water, cucumber, convenient cover, vacuum-packed food if bowel of congee of and so on of egg, hot pickled mustard tuber, drumstick, eight treasures, ham, jerk. (the food on hill is very expensive, can prepare according to individual be fond of, but water wants much place)

Visit Huang Shan

On common sense for, huang Shan has 2 entrance doors namely south gate and Beijing University door, what the gate points to south is Shang Kou, from here the cloud cereal temple of the hill after the Ci Guangge of the hill before change center multiplies the hill on the car to be able to arrive is mixed, what Beijing University door points to is the peace and tranquility of Huang Shan area, we are OK from here Song Guan multiplies cableway or go up on foot hill.

Yellow hill beauty spot forbids other vehicle to enter commonly, can take the area of scene of new nation line inside beauty spot to pay have transport service only (abbreviation scene is handed in) enter scene area, it is to take the bus of new nation line to enter scene area commonly, one-way be 13 yuan / person, of course, you also can wrap the China car of line of a new nation to go in, general 60 yuan / car.

Shang Kou shares 3 change center:

Stockaded village on the west change center: Be located in stockaded village on the west, if you live in from stockaded village collect fees on the west the place with not far station, be like big public house of golden Bangkok hotel, sea continent, stockaded village on the west big public house, should walk from here or take a car so far change center change.
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