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Go to whole strategy of American travel common sense
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(one) certificate:
Custom of the each district when be facilitating pass through the territory of a country consults, answer to carry all sorts of certificate such as passport, airline ticket, Id, do not put within boot.
(2) medicines and chemical reagents:
Ask a basis individual circumstance, provide for oneself is common medicine of cold, airsick, intestines and stomach.
(3) baggage:
1. Portable baggage carries each, norms does not exceed very little *9 of 22 inches of *14 inch; Consign baggage to be restricted each a weight must not exceed 20 kilograms; Baggage is carried by oneself, foreign airport, restaurant uses the member that carry, pay fee by oneself, normally 2 U.S. dollors / second.
2. Remember helping others carry baggage please, when baggage is being taken after next planes, do not be sure to pull down please baggage, the airport is walked out of after waiting for all member to take baggage entirely again movement.
3. Notice baggage please in the airport, careful thief.
4. Go to the United States to make an on-the-spot investigation to have the case of missing baggage occasionally, ask a guest to must carry the valuable such as cash, credit card, must not put into consigning baggage. What cause as a result of a:appellant reason is unpleasant, be in charge of by oneself.
(4) custom:
1. China leaves the country everybody is portable cash RMB 6000 yuan; U.S. dollor 5000 yuan (or other foreign currency is equivalent to an U.S. dollor 5000
Yuan) , valuable needs to be declared to custom.
2. Carry an U.S. dollor or above of equivalence money $10000.00 is filling in when American custom declares a watch, fill in according to the facts, can be detained otherwise, this is declared have nothing to do with China, also do not have a record in China. The United States is not to have country of foreign currency control, the RMB cannot convert a dollar in the United States.
3. American customs inspection is very strict, forbidden carry fruit, flesh kind, move plant and contraband,
(5) edge check:
1. Inscribe to what check of edge of China, United States quizs, ask to reply according to the leader of a sports team please, emigrant official problem replies to those who cannot solve ask the leader of a sports team to reply when the territory that enter the United States.
2. Discrepancy condition queues up please, deal with by order involve procedures, must not make a racket, loud speech, ying Li appearance answers a question.
Special attention: Enter a country it is good that the immigration card is sure to send custom place is sure to send custom place keep after the United States!
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