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Whole strategy of travel of the North sea
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General situation of the North sea
The North sea is located in the end austral Guangxi, bank of upper bay northeast. Be located in the east longitude 50 ′ of 108 ° 109 ° of 45 ″ ~ 28 ″ of 47 ′ , north latitude 29 ′ of 21 ° 21 ° of ~ between 34 ″ of 55 ′ , northwest is apart from Nanning 206 kilometers, zhan Jiang is apart from east 198 kilometers, southeast is apart from 147 sea mile of big talk city. Urban north and south on the west 3 annulus sea, have Wei continent (24.74 square kilometer) , setting sun (1.8 square kilometer) 2 island, wei continent is apart from the urban district about 20.2 sea mile.
City of the North sea and Hainan province lie between sea facies to look, adjacent southeast Asia all countries, yun Guichuan of back big southwest all provinces, be in the centre position of big southwest, Hainan and southeast Asia, situation is advantageous. Gross area 3337 square kilometer, urban area 957 square kilometer.
Belong to climate of monsoon of semi-tropical marine sex. Year average air temperature 22.9 ℃ , extreme maximum temperature 37.1 ℃ , extreme minimum temperature 2 ℃ . Year average rainfall 1670 millimeter. Year average sunshine duration 2009 hours, year average sun global radiation 111 kilocalorie / square centimeter. Main atmosphere calamity is a typhoon, 10 class above every 10 years 6.
Language: Word of the Hakkas of word of Gepu of colloquialism of the North sea
Tourist attraction of travel of the North sea (Location)
City of the North sea has travel of country of silver-colored beach of the North sea to go vacationing lake of continent island of area and Wei, star island two provincial travel go vacationing groove guard of nature of mangrove of country of park of forest of country of mountain of area, coronal head, mountain pass, dugong (mermaid) national nature groove guard, Bai Longzhen bead, collect " the sea, beach, island, lake, hill, forest " at an organic whole, natural scene and humanitarian landscape have both. Silver-colored beach of the North sea is labelled by the country one of ground of 5 the most beautiful have a rest; Astral island lake is large TV series " Shui Hu " filmed main exterior ground, the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, the picture is attractive; Wei continent island is China's biggest volcanic island. Of the island all round the cay that shallow sea generates, it is China most the cay that stands by mainland wearing, have very high development value.
The travel project that the North sea goes to the dragon below Vietnam, sea to prevent already the country is approved about the branch, maritime travel course is already enlightened, leave the country formalities goes to the lavatory simply. Regular boat evening sends face to come, bay issueing dragon " maritime Guilin " peculiar.
Urban district of ☆ the North sea basically travels tourist attraction
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