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Summer vacation self-help of 1000 islands lake swims strategy
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If you have time, have car of provide for oneself again, that goes 1000 islands lake is smooth sneak away. Show of the Shan Qing of 1000 islands lake, water, beautiful scenery lets you all the way amorous feelings all the way scene, too many beautiful things. The conduct a sightseeing tour should be winded below by me. Take the advantage of the opportunity of this at leisure, take oneself beloved person, go to a place that eyeful is green water coming 2, 3 days swim!

How to go?

Hangqian freeway Hangzhou comes the freeway of 1000 islands lake already all fronts be open to traffic, if set out from Shanghai direction,take high speed, so from Hangzhou north Hangzhou circles city high speed, it is OK to turn to Hangqian high speed to arrive directly to Yuan Pu, (if set out from Nanjing, walk along Hang Ning high speed to the Hangzhou on Na Zhuang bag to circle a city, turn to Hangqian high speed to arrive directly at 1000 islands lake to press down to Yuan Pu. ) take Hangqian high speed to 1000 islands lake just 80 minutes, more convenient.

It is OK also to walk along 05 provinces to, set out from Hangzhou (of course from the city such as Shanghai, Nanjing those who lead to the freeway of Hangzhou can take the high speed that circle a city turning below pond exit, need not in classics Hangzhou city, such rate are rapidder) , loosen to rich this world along 320 nations line brook, walk along cottage of tung of classics of 05 provinces path to divide water to town of 1000 islands lake next.

How to live? The travel hotel restaurant of 1000 islands lake has high school low nearly 80, 1000 islands lake is the heaven that preserve one's health lives, travel the choice that 1000 islands lake lodges is very much, have those who overlook a lake, can cast roaring city, go contacting the country's simple way of life and beautiful rurality, also can go sweet island cabin is cheesy bout. Want those who go vacationing to lie fallow can go of 5 stars class yuan go vacationing clear island of village, day goes vacationing the phoenix of 1000 islands lake of village and 4 stars class goes vacationing the village plays. The price of these guesthouse differs to thousands of yuan from a few yuan.

How to swim? To 1000 islands lake, a lot of people like what tourist attraction not to go up. Charter a yacht a light boat (if be luxurious houseboat, inside everything needed is ready of freezer, computer, air conditioning, anteroom) , driving its thing, by touchable of raise one's hand, have green green water is rippling, have the islands that the look can reach, it is plus dear on the side, that is how 愜 meaning! You Jing nods boat having a class and common houseboat, can go 12 tourist attractions of 1000 islands lake, cent ABC3 circuit, a line has Mei Feng to watch island, ostrich island, monkey island, 3 pools island to wait is the place that is worth to go; B line has island of dragon of 5 dragon island, dragon hill island, god; C line one day island of pool, sweet hill, sweet-scented osmanthus, Huang Shan is pointed. The tourist attraction all round has silvan oxygen, Bai Yunxi is float of brook of bound of stone forest of 1000 islands lake, 9 Pao, 9 dragon, seaborne etc.
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