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Home Zhang group and phoenix self-help swim prevent cheat whole strategy
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How to spend least money in Home Zhang group and phoenix, enjoy first-class travel resource and avoid travel pitfall? Read article please, this card is integrated the travel data of each respect, regular meeting lets you find the thing that you mean.

One, come to the place that should Zhang Jia notice in bound road?

If you are,take a train or the plane comes to Home Zhang bound amuse oneself, airport of railway station of Home Zhang group, Zhang Jia bound is reached to often can a few wear an uniform on the heads for Home Zhang group train that takes in you (it is more pretend to be) , or hanging such-and-such recieve a ministry, or making name of such-and-such travel agent, they can ask you go playing their travel agent, or the requirement offers accommodation, conduct a sightseeing tour for you, wait with such and such service such as the car. At this moment the head that you should hold sober, do not produce come-and-go with them easily (because their or is the price very tall, or serves quality namely very poor, and often the thing that throws a passenger happens) . To the person of the sort of stick like a limpet, you can report to the member that be on duty, or dial 110, also can dial travel to complain a phone to be able to solve thereby.

If you are,come to Home Zhang with the form that drives oneself bound, those draw a customer can think more empty all mood will negotiate with you the issue that includes a group about travel. Because you are to drive oneself, what so their the first pace should do is did not arrive in you before Home Zhang group, can get on your car ahead of schedule. Wanted to get on your car only, had the land of their play, boast according to theirs place is told, only you want to be less than, do not do without them.

The 1 personnel that build a car: It is the girl or middleaged woman more commonly, because average person has quite to the woman,sympathize with a heart, loosen vigilance easily also, very much old old man very feel embarrassed refuse.

The 2 ground that build a car nod: Zou Pai  occasionally line? of Xing Nai of Ling of cure reins a drum used in the army in ancient China if:  of ⑾ Chu ⑹ twists ⒊  of wait of Dong of  of star of Li of  idol cure abandons  of 5 grand ⒋ soil rash the fork crossing that swings? , crossroad, gas station, collect fees station, policeman is on duty place.

3 choices object: . . . . .

The 4 reason that build a car:

The very good bronco that still has camouflage also can reach the form of government organization personnel to appear with public security, policeman, the uniform mixes the policeman that puts on a holiday to get on false policeman car to bar park tourist car, say oneself are the person of the same trade there, herein handles affairs, need to search now the car goes back.

After getting on a car, they extremely use up conduct propaganda to boast oneself, be like skill exceeding lofty or great, home Zhang group travels each link and sectional all without exception are witting, if can clinch a deal on board (or intentional) , criterion his task is finished, if the guest feels disgusted, they can have contact person, after reaching scene area by " capability is stronger " , " impetus is bigger " partner and you negotiate. These effort that are like them are returned before astute guest not the word of be successful, they can take out their unexpected tricky move: With the low price that makes you inconceivable the requirement helps you decide a room, continueing next hard bubble of use soft tactics, prevent others to come over to be contacted with you, if they feel this business all up, have more very person can take midnight " the horse kills chicken " the form fills the loss come back. The best measure that tourist avoids this kind of situation is 4 illegal criterion " do not contact, do not respond, do not pester, not anxious to get things on the cheap " , if just was pestered to went up not to take off a body, can pledge to tourism bureau check group (0744-8380193) or place of qualitative check of bureau of tourism of area of Wu Ling source (0744-5618331) . And 110 ask for help!
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