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Alisan Zou a group of things with common features especially rich wild company holds battle hold a memorial ceremony for, Graph / CFP

The first batch appoints management mainland dweller to go to the 13 provinces city of a travel business in 33 travel agent, beijing has 11, it is medium respectively force of black force, nation, medium travel agent of international of guild hall of Taiwan of travel agent of woman of force of nation of boat of god of the brigade, brigade in Kang Hui, harbor, Beijing, channel, China, Beijing, medium company of travel of international of folk of letter travel head office, China, their circuit majority is sightseeing swims, it is the theme swims partly among them product.

Tourist census register

Census register of Tianjin, Shenyang, Shandong person card can handle in Beijing place signing up

Mainland dweller goes to a travel to ought to go to what the stage travels to form a delegation to the management that can appoint jointly with concerned branch by sea brigade the company seeks advice sign up. Mainland dweller goes to a travel to ought to be held " pass of Taiwan of mainland dweller come-and-go " with travel attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it, join round travel, whole group goes there and back.

According to the message of Chinese travel net, stage authorities " emigrant arrange " expressed on June 22, already undertook new law is amended, form a delegation the number is restricted by every group strength " 15 people above, 40 people are the following " , amend for " 10 people above, 40 people are the following " .

Current, census register is in 13 to had announced the tourist beyond open province city, cannot take tourism group quite temporarily. And 3 province city of the Tianjin that contains in 13 provinces city, Shenyang, Shandong census register personage, can sign up in Beijing. Feng Zhuozhi introduces general manager of channel travel agent, this company can deal with personage of Beijing and this 3 census register that visit town to go the business of Taiwan, accept its to sign up in Beijing, but need goes census register seat deals with relevant formalities (see flow chart) .

The money is changed

Dining room of bank of the Taiwan after July 4 is exchangeable RMB

Exchange rate basically is 1 yuan of RMBs trade money of 4 yuan of or so stages. According to channel travel agent Feng Zhuozhi introduces, this year after July 4, dining-room of the bank of Taiwan, part can have RMB and stage money change. The bank of Fujian is at present exchangeable, but Beijing is returned cannot, hopeful implementation will be changed henceforth.

Charter flight

Each circuitry that Beijing sets out is charter flight straight boat

Civil aviaton total bureau announced mainland airline recently charter flight distributes recipe record on the weekend. Level number allocates charter flight initial stage on the weekend for: Boat, Dong Hang mixes the country Na Hang is weekly each 4 () going there and back; Hai Hang, Shanghai Airline and Xiamen Airline each 2 () going there and back.
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