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Whole strategy of clear far travel
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30 night collect lake station 6: The car of 50, because wide deep high speed bumps into a car to bring about traffic to break down almost, we waited for two half hours in square, 9: Just get on a car 30 minutes. Need two car Cheng of half hours only originally, as a result of,also be traffic jam, before dawn just went to Shenzhen at 2 o'clock. Issued a car to hit a taxi to come home, barred 4 cars just agree to carry us, and do not agree to make a list. Because the government concerns a branch to managing and decrease what do on negative job not to reach the designated position to just can bring about a driver to want take the advantage of golden week opportunity to earn the circumstance of brushstroke to appear to the driver,estimation is.

1 in the morning at 10 o'clock, we from the urban district (old city) hit (25 yuan) reach the designated position at environs (2 cross a river) Xuan Zhen is seaborne. Calculate come early, the person still does not calculate a lot of. Seaborne entrance ticket every pieces 138 yuan, had felt expensive, follow in Shenzhen joy Gu Wanyi day is about the same. Bought a ticket to go about 3 minutes to arrive bathhouse, it is as good as the check such as footgear to taste vade mecum taste vade mecum first (valuable must put bar) , had changed short covering pants to wait by bathhouse receive send a car (need not give money, the bag is in entrance ticket) , after getting on a car all the way hill, but should notice to close a window, because a lot of friends that drifting play arisenly,can sprinkle water to the car. It is OK to arrived after ticket of summit produce the expected result went aboard. The time that floats truly has a hour probably. Have head of a lot of places very big, true satisfy a craving. The place of clear far float is very actually much, near the urban district afore-mentioned Xuan Zhen drifts, and pen rack hill, yellow Teng Xia, fizzle out among them the float that vacate gorge is very exciting, but bring about very easily also get hurt, so everybody should choose to suit his cautiously.

Was over to answer the urban district to have a meal adrift. We find a on Zhongshan park and lake guest wine shop to cry " hall of Yue scene coffee " have a meal, the petty gain such as the renown # coffee of price comparing Shenzhen a lot of, flavour and repast environment were not defeated however, eat of Chinese and Western has, and have far chicken clear to eat, to us this kind is in Shenzhen not be willing to part with or use goes the person of the Western-style food hall such as a # is very right, think those who gather up to curium at ordinary times might as well will try.

Qing Dynasty is actually far the place that have a meal is very much. It is I leave far time clear only too long, to " have a meal there " this kind of problem has not been in Shenzhen to be familiar with really. But on the whole for, road of around the city, edge river road, bank Jiang Lu is the place that feeds city to be centered quite, a bit purer dish has Qing Yuanbai to cut Bao of 乸 of chicken, goose (it is old mother goose) , the Fu Zhu, bamboo shoot, snail that fry stone (not be river snail) , Xian Dou corrupt, carbonado waits the river a moment, these food are very much place Qing Dynasty of be not a patch on is far. Have a meal must not go to what big wine shop, in big wine shop you won't take the course with truly pure what forever.
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