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Old strategy of travel of thunder peak tower
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Tourist guide: Thunder peak tower and be apart of only kind temple south hill road. If multiply a car to need to stand to only kind temple, scene area has independent parking lot, go to the lavatory to be driven oneself.

Hotspot: This area has rich historical culture, stayed very rich vestigial with fokelore. Besides, have deep folk-custom culture more, because be in city situation to combine a region, ever was the land that VIPs focuses, also be common people of You Hu giving a city surely the place of classics, contain the urban folk-custom of massiness.

Introduce: Thunder peak tower, before be located in only kind temple, for Na Bing hill the more than arteries and veins of northerly extend, be close to the lake is agitated and grand case, forest luxuriantly green. Its book although small and exquisite, fame is count as one of the best however on the lake, because Shan Dian ever had the Lei Feng tower that builds when Wu Yue, it is a west lake numerous Gu Dazhong most the one tower with most tasteful also scene. Setting sun the glow of the setting sun, the tower removes Jin Lun, the dusk on the lake is not had in dusk scene have bear to it be equal to person, west lake the nature in 10 scene is little not good position.

Form of rebuilding tower of thunder peak tower is taken for bricky body upturned eaves, smooth 5 pavilion type, the style is fundamental with Li Song of painter of the Southern Song Dynasty " the west lake pursues " medium Lei Feng tower is similar. New tower will use steel structure to be built in former address, make the protection structure of relics at the same time. Tower of whole thunder peak rebuilds project investment makes an appointment with 60 million yuan, "Thunder peak afterglow " return on the west child lakefront, become the landscape of another mark sex of Hangzhou; Beautiful " west lake 10 scene " be worthy of the name, no longer misshapen.

The history of thunder peak tower passed 3 level: Any of several hot spice plants of teach of money of Wu Yue king builds tower of type of 7 8 face, pavilion 975 years at the Christian era; Mar by be struck by lightning, repair again at the beginning of the Southern Song Dynasty for tower of type of 5 8 face, pavilion; Ming Jiajing year, the Mu Yan of the tower destroys Yu Bingrong, retain core of bricky qualitative tower only. 1924, tower core collapses, thunder peak tower puts relics only. Thunder peak tower finished a design to begin to rebuild by Tsinghua university 2000.

Cate of thunder peak tower

There is a local color around thunder peak tower fastfood, south there is public house on hill road, also have the cafeteria that have a meal, the color is distinctive.

Thunder peak tower lodges

The hotel that there is very much different class near thunder peak tower, guesthouse can be entered. Also a lot of buses lead to the urban district each are big hotel.

Traffic of thunder peak tower

K4, k808, y1, y2, y3, y7, 822, k822, k504, y6, 9 fall to clean temple
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