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Strategy of Hangzhou travel accommodation
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Travel in Hangzhou, besides had played, had eaten besides, it is very important also to lodge of course, original plan goes to Beijing playing, the fellow says with me: Did not prepare 10 thousand yuan not to go to Beijing. This stayed in me to the town, think many times then, new year's day when went to Hangzhou.

I what travel tourist attraction resembles and so on of west lake, Bai Di, white tower was not carried, fastfood and muddleheaded small basket, old duck Bao, get the better of kid surely pretty good, I point to those who want to say here is the place that live, what I what live choose is to be like near neighbour, live in civil all the way, communication is very easy, 100 yuan / day. The brigade that this is Hangzhou returns the place that I feel I am the most astute, because:
The guesthouse of travel city, a bit more high-grade not hundreds of cannot go up kang, and a bit cheaper, of 100 yuan of one evening the sort of, be less than the 5 houses of smooth rice, just placed a bed and television to do not have a place to stay, and contact person is very mixed and disorderly, squeeze comfort station and bathhouse even, make a person very afflictive.
Look on room and booked a room, book a room more interesting is, the disbursement that I use the room that treasure books, ah.
Additional house really very substantial, the picture of the house that I stay in is below, with 100 yuan / the guesthouse of the day is a world of difference really quite: