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3 inferior seafood great merit slightly
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Free to wanting to be arranged to me of Hainan utterly ignorant travel is a bit spellbound, through looking the travel notes of 51766 nets is mixed pestering the work in the same placing that has been to Hainan to understand perhaps others looks eventually everyday is very simple thing, but at that time really confused to me

3 inferior the situation of tourist attraction of city each travel: 3 inferior include 3 inferior bay and He Yalong of big the East China Sea bay, 3 inferior the bay is in 3 inferior city, big the East China Sea leaves town in very close, inferior Long Wan leaves the 20 kilometers in city, the consumption that takes to wait is more expensive but natural scene and beach are very beautiful. Square of delicious seafood of what spring garden is with 10 thousand rich grand in city, then I arrange such route, we chose 3 inferior 5 days of free travel, details:

The first day: Arrive midday 3 the sea enters Yadadong hotel of Lin Dahai scene is luxurious room of seascape big bed, OK in the evening the Chun Yuan in fokelore goes solving satisfy a craving for delicious food: ) after the meal, can visit 3 inferior the night scene of city and big the East China Sea, answer a hotel to rest next

The following day: One big early, eat breakfast, the word of cooperate of the ruler of heaven, we kill the city island of Wu to play happily one day, if convenient word goes up marriage galloon,pat marriage gauze to illuminate (DIY) continue in the evening big the East China Sea has a meal, next fruit of try to win sb's favor and wine, beverage is taken inferior Long Wan continues to enjoy.

The 3rd day: The house is returned in big the East China Sea, enter day region public house midday common seascape room, swim in the private beach of the hotel, bubble hot spring, sleep hammock, visit other hotel of 5 stars class.

The 4th day: Still be in inferior Long Wan, illuminate according to marriage gauze (DIY) (listen to a colleague to say inferior Long Wan is very beautiful, the city island besides Wu goes surely besides, other tourist attractions are to receive fund, go vacationing comfortably means is in namely inferior Long Wan enjoys nature this is the most beautiful the cheapest scenery)

The 5th day: Clear away clear away, return a house, arrive at the airport to return Beijing midday.

Price schedule

Beijing, 3 inferior =3760 of person of 1880 * 2 of airline ticket going there and back yuan

Late =660 of late *2 of 330/ of hotel of seascape of Linda of big the East China Sea yuan (luxurious seascape room is contained early)

Inferior region of dragon gulf weather late =1580 of late *2 of 790/ of 5 stars hotel yuan (seascape room is contained early)

Force of nation of post and telecommunications serves cost: 150 yuan

Add up to: 6150 yuan

The homework search that I made two weeks comes to the content below, printed to be carried, very useful really, acknowledgment offers the good intention netizens of information.
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