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Whole strategy of jaunt of phoenix Gu Cheng
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Traffic: Go phoenix can take the train that the bosom changes way to be in auspicious head gets off, build 2 ~ of 3 yuan of faces to the station, in the air conditioning that past phoenix sends over there cling to 8 ~ person of 10 yuan of / , 1 arrives 20 minutes hour namely phoenix.

Special clew: Time is abundant person optional choose swims float of river of Home Zhang group, fierce hole, lotus is pressed down (Wang Cun) hind again You Fenghuang.

Have feeling: Bacterium of feral ox liver, pluck by seedling family on Yu Shan, delicate and goluptious, be worth to be tasted. The biggest characteristic of phoenix dish is give priority to with hot acid, it is with thick dissolve ancestor, cooking gives all sorts of delicate cate. If want,sample commonly place is fastfood, the at nightfall such as need crosses rainbow bridge after the day is black, finding voice of lights, fragrance, cry out, can find the cate market of noisy and confused of a voice very easily, all sorts of cate have everything that one expects to find, and the ear that petty gain must let you do not believe his, for instance 2 wool money barbecue of a string of beef, hotpot, 5 wool money a bowl of stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup...

Special clew: The renown dish that does not taste local spy to have to phoenix -- fact of hematic cake duck is one big a matter of regret, the most authentic eat a law to disclose you, that spends on more than 10 money namely, oneself go food market is carried answer, give hotel boss went, remaining what you should do is to waiting for one caldron the desk on end of appetizing hematic cake duck comes, yield your beauty meat.

Accommodation: Mountain villa of phoenix ancient Hunan is the astral class guesthouse of phoenix only, but establishment ageing. Place lives in phoenix the dweller is opened in the home " domestic hotel " the most appropriate nevertheless, hotel of this kind of family is very much. Domestic hostel has a lot of to be inside old the city zone, there is a sign in the entrance of old the city zone, all domestic hostel phones above. Numerous tourist is recommended consistently " other people of river of a small bay in a river " hotel, the room of 2 buildings has an area to hold out big all directions gazebo, stand on gazebo, 10 thousand rainbow bridge, Gu Ting, towers all stop eye ground, admiring night scene of beauty of river of a small bay in a river slowly below argent moon will be a very special and cozy business; And my criterion prefers boreal door thither " river north hotel " , those who attract me is hotel entrance huge the archaize fascia of word of gold of a black base, "River north hotel " 4 big character are written very beautifully, merchant yellow boss is a painterly ace, whole hotel is decorated very delicate, be all round a the condition in numerous family hotel is very pretty good.

Special clew: The atelier of famous artist Huang Yongyu " seize emerald green building " be in " other people of river of a small bay in a river " the painter of the 熈 adjoining between 2 buildings chooses hotel to make the Piao on picture 熆 know here, this is to go up absolutely the view tourist attraction of beautiful.
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