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Countryside radical surrounds shrimp on the west
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Base surrounding shrimp is Shenzhen villages and towns starts the main aquatic product that assemble on the west. Base surround shrimp to call hemp shrimp again, grow at salty fresh water to hand in collect place, on the west countryside becomes Shenzhen because of its advantaged situation the mainest base the producing area that surround shrimp. Countryside produces on the west base the volume that surround shrimp is minor, shape is like middle finger, the whole body is transparent take hemp place slightly, dried small shrimps is particularly thin, the flesh is qualitative very delicate, delicious and goluptious, nutrition is rich, its protein content and photograph of sanded well oyster are rivalled. Often edible radical surrounds shrimp to have bright eye clean tine, raise Yan Jian body, lengthen life delay year effect.

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