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Watch billows dog meat
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Meat of the dog that watch billows quite all characteristic, it is an one of Guangdong 饌 in all sorts of dish type. It is history of meat and fish dishes with the dog long, " offer sacrifices to write down. Embryo " piece carry: "Lunar …… the emperor of Meng Qiu eats hemp and dog. "Two Chinese denounce, the wind that eats a dog pervades pluvial north, flavour is over sheep, pig. The current state in the area austral mountain, Meizhou, Baoan (today Shenzhen city) , Guangzhou and other places, the wind that eats a dog is long fill not sad, act according to cate of the travel that it is assorted all the time. The ancients thinks the Summer Solstice feeds disease of dispel of canine disappear calamity, reason has dog of " down to, did not get the adage of " . Because dog meat sex is hot, reason Summer Solstice eats a dog the Hakkas person is only faddish now. Most area inspects dog meat to make for the winter cordial. Of hotpot of dog meat market fragile tender, the sweet alcohol of rabbit meat, of chicken delicious for an organic whole, nutrition is nourishing, have powerful body disease of be good at bone, dispel is delayed year effect, reason has " to ate dog meat in December, saw the version of result " in June. The four seasons of butcher's of the dog that watch billows gives birth to easy fiery, it is the Hakkas person to manage more. Meat of the dog that watch billows has the branch of hot food and cold meats. Hot food is given priority to with dog meat makings, complementary up to cook of 20 kinds of spice and into, basically have meat of dog of meat of unripe dog meat, former Bao dog, steamed dog meat, braise in soy sauce, explode the flesh that fry a dog, dog meat 9 child, dog meat a thick soup; Cold meats basically has a dog the miscellaneous, white flesh that cut a dog.