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Stone cliff sand pear
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Sand pear is one of characteristic fruits with main Shenzhen, basically distributing in north half a mountainous area, it is in order to have the stone rock of the countryside " good name of " fruit especially most. Fruit breed of Shi Yan basically has sand pear, Huang Mei and square persimmon to wait, among them sand pear is most famous. Than a few having stone cliff sand pear and northward pear photograph are old characteristic: It is big. "Be like bottle " greatly if really, the biggest person have a jin commonly half; 2 it is juice good. Pear flesh is snow-white, the flesh is qualitative fragile bright, broken bits is not had after feeding, water portion slue; 3 it is particularly sweet. Smell is nice, gan Tian is clinking. Stone cliff sand pear is in commonly 2, blossommed March, the leaf is huge, fructification is in 7, mature August. The phenomenon outside sand pear is globose, skin has Brown, yellow and green 3 kinds of color, the surface is foxed, grow in the country sandy soil with climate wet warmth commonly. Sex of stone cliff sand pear is cool, heat up disease remediably, clear forgive is alexipharmic. Main breed has Qing Li, Huang Li, sweet pear 3 kinds, it is in order to originate in the sand pear of black stone cliff best. The Shi Yan after founding a state is big all the time area implantation sand pear, have a large amount of export every year. In addition, the sand pear of and other places of lake of the Long Hua, peace that watch calumniate is famouser also.