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Fair bright burn goose
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Shenzhen is fair of bright town burn goose, because of beautiful of color, sweet, flavour renown raise the world. Fair bright person element has the tradition that raises goose. They choose careless goose to be raised meticulously, had waited for 100 swan after fat is fine butcher. Goose uses sanded candy, refined salt, cooking wine, south Chi of breast, the head of garlic, beans, anise, unripe smoke the burden souse such as king, with skin of daub of fine sweet candy, the barbecue heat that uses argil fire next bakes 40 minutes to be become with medium baking temperature. Fair bright the appearance that burn goose is golden and bright, the skin is fragile tender goluptious, fragrance is full-bodied and tangy, goose is fat and not be bored with, the luck to eat sth delicious of feast one's eyes on of your National People's Congress. Fair bright burn goose to sell well at domestic and international market, the person that give each feeding leaves good impression.