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South Shan Lizhi
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Flesh of fructification of litchi of the hill austral Shenzhen is tender be like water, white and transparent, hua Shuang is clinking, juice is much and sweet, the aftertaste after feeding is boundless. Crop the history with its distinctive, quality is good and long, gust is famed far and near. Area of hill litchi orchard amounts to 26 thousand mus south, be Shenzhen litchi advocate produce a division, in the meantime, shan Lizhi also is the pronoun of product of high grade litchi south. The climate of hill, soil makes litchi fructification skin thin south, the flesh fragile, smell is sweet, get of people love.
Shan Lizhi has two marked characteristics south: One day old, 2 days good. Old, show its crop the history long. Be in what Tang Song period is " of " articles of tribute namely early to collect an object, the fell trees of Japanese aggressor mixes period of classics war of resistance against aggression to regard as seventies capitalist tail " cuts " to drop and special zone construction needs to be forced to be chopped, still put " 100 years old up to now Gu Shu " 600 more than, 50 years above often cultivates 26 thousand, the oldest one of inside numerous Xie Mao of Shang Zhi of a few when actor orders an island to go up 150 one's remaining years, a few generation are the same as hall, produce fruit is close each Gu Shu. Say its are good, it is to show quality is good. In existent litchi, most probably above is Ci of laurel flavour, polished glutinous rice. Gui Weikan calls litchi medium highest grade.