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Na Shantian peach
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Shan Tiantao is south south fruit of a mountainous area and peculiar local name actor, already had nearly hundred years help advance somebody's career the history, at the beginning of 70 time, cultivate an area to amount to many mus 1200. Pulp of Na Shantian peach Qing Dynasty of fragile, flavour is sweet tastily, leather description is beautiful, get local masses and large-scale harbor, bay, the welcome of stage brethren and love. Na Shantian peach and Na Shanli branch, hind seafood oyster calls the Shan Sanbao austral " " . Qing Dynasty of Na Shantian peach is fully sweet red, big mouth having a bowl is so big, amount to 250 grams to weigh. 1972, south hill commune (now south an area) cultivated Na Shantian a peach-shaped thing more than 1000 mus, amount to 30 thousand much individual plant. Initial stage of reforming and opening, the produce that Shan Tiantao ever was Baoan county for a time south exports large family, shan Tiantao ever was south south the pride of hill. Go up century 70 time end, because " sheds glue ill " , " to punch,ill " of anthrax of ill " , " reachs the plant diseases and insect pests such as " of " scale insect increasingly serious, bring about tree situation to ebb quickly, whole even peach is withered dead, fructification character drops, crop and economic income year after year glide, major fruit grower because of peach of this fell trees replant litchi.
According to south department of a mountainous area agriculture was investigated 2000, old tree of Na Shantian peach remains inadequacy 30 individual plant, and be endangered badly by ill bug, shan Tiantao is close to become extinct brim south. South 2001 a mountainous area appoint, district government makes a decision, protect as soon as possible, restore Na Shantian peach. Via project approving of bureau of area science and technology, department of kind of source that area agriculture department begins pair of Na Shantian a peach-shaped thing, individual plant differentiates, character of factor of peach garden soil, biology, main plant diseases and insect pests produces progress the rule and help advance somebody's career the respect such as administrative technique undertook study, pass effort of 3 years, gained remarkable success at present, of Na Shantian peach cultivate an area to be popularized quickly. Hill is had south sweet peach 70 mus, divide early, medium, late-maturing in all 8 admirable breed, in all 14600 much individual plant.