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National Day Shenzhen swims 4 days to Huang Shan
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Yellow Shan Yiji is loose, strange stone, sea of clouds, hot spring is celebrated, but the a four-line poem with five characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme that perhaps a lot of people do not know wintry snow is Huang Shan. Wintry scene of Huang Shan, that and be in harmony of loose, stone, cloud, spring are the wintry snow of an organic whole, the ice that the frost of Na Shishuang blame, mist Song that is like Xue Feixue and glittering and translucent get rid of appear is hanged, that climbs the sea of clouds of cliff, thick dignified along with slope, it is the classic of nature.  
When wintry You Jia: Huang Shan's winter is longer, annual left and right sides of the last ten-day of a month was about to wave in October snow, came in November immediately following in time year of complete in March Shan Piaoxue, came in December immediately following in time to was year in Feburary most flourishing snow period, also be the optimal season that the winter swims. Anyhow, the last ten-day of a month can see Xue Jing in October, although do not issue what snow also can see beauty " mist Song " (say mist hangs) again, it and snow give arboreous, rock, house to abandon euqally drape a glittering and translucent white, and whiter than snow, more transparent, more magnificent, consequently richer also lasting appeal.  
Admire Xue Jia to be in: The place that enjoys snow is very much, but basically become with jade screen building, the North sea, Song Gu, Yun Gu and hot spring area of this 5 great respect is beautiful.