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11 to Guilin 3 days swim
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"The world of Guilin landscape armour, guilin of armour of landscape of in relief new moon " , this is the true portraiture of Guilin in relief new moon. You are OK to group the breath with hill, running water, wet embellish and lucid sky are contemplative, or sit in culture of Chinese and Western to blend street fritter away wearies on the west idle time. Do not want to experience these wonderful experience? Will quickly attend the journey that we prepare for you. Do you still need hesitation?

, take yacht to visit have " river of Li of a hunderd li " the Li river that say;
2, visit Guilin city's famous city badge by ship: Proboscis hill;
3, special give: Fish of beer of in relief new moon;
4, the experience is in together Yang Shuo on the west the friend of the corner of the street and different complexion together orgiastic;
5, lake of government office of pacify river king, banyan, fir lake;