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11 Shenzhen 2 days classical swim
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The first day: Lotus hill park (statue of Xiaoping of Deng of look with reverence, look down at the scenery of Shenzhen center area, contemporary Shenzhen that experiences reforming and opening) -- Sino-British street (Shenzhen one of 8 scene, unique " one street two make " humanitarian history landscape) -- Ming Saike aircraft carrier (the first martial theme park of domestic of aircraft carrier) -- saline seafood feeds a market (sample seafood big eat) -- city of overseas Chinese of the eastpart part, appreciate Shenzhen seaside amorous feelings) -- live city of overseas Chinese of the eastpart part or seaside hotel (seascape hotel, elegant orchid happy event of hotel, Beijing radical will ascend a hotel to wait)
The following day: Arboretum of celestial being lake (view and admire fossil forest, comprehend Buddhist culture, experience Shenzhen hill of phoenix tree of the first height) -- ground Wang Dasha (ascend a top to look at deep harbor scene, visit wind and cloud of hundred years deep harbor to exhibit) -- area of situation of overseas Chinese city (the window of village of folk-custom of choice samite China, world, happy Gu You is seen)