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11 Hainan joy is recreational travel
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The history: Rancorring J of soul of Hui of  of Jin of anchor of Xian Pa  " Min? ?000 of ⑾ of Song R abdicate year relics of The Neo-lithic Age 200 much place, chinese side of bead cliff, Dan is set first 2 county, the the Three Kingdoms has Hainan name. The Tang Dynasty cent sets cliff city, city fining jade, Dan city to wait, bright set seat of government of state fining jade, qing Dynasty changes way of cliff fining jade. Buy Hainan was saved 1988. Be regarded as pretty crop failure in ancient times absolutely, the official that shares 49 exile be demotinged spends the remainder of one's life here.

Geographical: Hainan province is located in China most in southern Nanhai, the east longitude 108 ° 37 ' - 117 ° 50 ' , north latitude 3 ° 58 ' - 20 ° 20 ' . Area kilometer of 34 thousand much square. North lies between channel of city fining jade and thunder city peninsula opposite, include the insular reef of Hainan island and the Xisha Islands, The Nansha Islands, the Zhongsha Islands and its territorial sea. Mid have hilly area of mountain of mother of hill of the five fingers, goosefoot and mesa, there is the Campagna that size differs all around.

Administration: Administer city of 2 ground level, city of 7 counties class, 4 counties, 6 autonomous counties.

Gust sumptuous courses at a meal:   spic is thrown form ⒓ of the Α that seek  ? of cellar of  of  flesh ⒍ 10 thousand peaceful counties) , music mouth seafood (county of hill fining jade) , dog of kid of porket of hill of chelonian of money of hill of carp of 10 thousand springs, the five fingers and turtle, blessing, Oriental Bai Qie, that dog. Hainan pink criterion each district has. Tasting sweet drink to Li Jiapin is a kind of god-given fun.

The place is literary: Treasure of comb of Ning of Qian of ⒚ of Sui of trifoliate orange of massacre of coil up of astral a stone needle used in acupuncture in ancient China?

Fundamental condition: D is fastened why C of ° of?3-25 of  of  of arrogant of D of body of Shan of  of to joke of  discharge  longing day, the coldest average in Feburary 16, 20 ° C, the hottest was 25-29 ° C in August, year all fall 1500 millimeter. Grow Xia Modong. When northland a thousand li is icebound, still warm here wind is vernal, can sea bath. Have Chinese, goosefoot, time, seedling, strong wait for a nation. Economy is backward since Hainan province is long-term, but the mineral, content that use plant is resourceful, especially oil and natural gas reserves are sizable as Hainan special economic zone build the development with Nanhai oil industry, tourism, hainan economy already stood on the scratch line with ongoing high speed.

(explain: ? of forge dusk = 3 inferior city) , for Hainan island most the scenery belt of southern rock group, china's famousest seaside goes vacationing area)

Travel resource: The coasting of Hainan island is as long as 1584.8 kilometers, appropriate climate and admirable beach make here spreads all over optimal seawater bathhouse and summer resort, be like 3 inferior the deer of city turns round, tooth basket bay, big the East China Sea, the remotest corners of the earth, the show of big talk city flower sea, the clear billows bay of article prosperous county, slope of mayor of sea fining jade, coast of timbal mountain north and south, island of monkey of hill water county, oriental county scale continent wait. Littoral still volcano erupts marvellous spectacle (like county of hill fining jade " underwater village " wait with burrow of saddle mountain lava) with mangrove coast landscape. Island of monkey of Nanhai of hill water county often makes person take delight in talking about. Hill of the five fingers is Hainan island the highest peak in a mountain range, imposing manner is boundless all the more. The site of column of cliff fining jade in fining jade marks the land for contemporary revolution. Alone of the Li nationality distributings in Hainan island, population makes an appointment with 700 thousand person, spin of their be apt to, printing and dyeing, dress, food has bright ethical distinguishing feature, become the nation with the mainest Hainan consuetudinary travel resource. Hainan complete island opened to the outside world 1987, become China's oldest special economic zone. Only this although produced huge travel appeal.
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