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Ancient city of phoenix of bound of National Day Zhang Jia swims 4 days
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Brief introduction of Home Zhang group

City of Home Zhang group is located in ministry of Hunan Province northwest, be located in apophysis of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and department of union of decanting zone of lake of hole front courtyard, be located in the east longitude 109 degrees 40 divide 28 degrees to 111 degrees of 20 cent, north latitude 52 minutes to reach 29 degrees 48 minutes, county of source of stone door, peach is received east, county of Na Linyuan hill, north reachs county of favour of the crane peak that Hubei saves, announce. City bound stuff is the longest 167 kilometers, north and south is the widest 96 kilometers. Whole town gross area 9653 square kilometer, 4.5% what occupy Hunan Province gross area.

Home Zhang group travels advantagedly with its resource is famed at the world. With China Home Zhang group mixes park of forest of level of the first state area of source beauty spot amounts to the Wu Ling that two natural groove guard comprise valley of brook of the emperor hill, all alone 369 square kilometer, inside the area with the world's infrequent quartz landforms of gorge of sandstone peak forest gives priority to body, the hero of the danger of the show of collect Guilin, yellow Shan Zhiji, Mount Hua, Mount Taishan at an organic whole, tibetan bridge, hole, lake, waterfall at a suit, have " distensible miniascape, contractible elfland " good name. Original name of Home Zhang group needs greatly, it is ancient commonplace country seat. Be in early primitive society is terminal, first civilian already began to multiply in Li water two sides haunt. Arrived times of Yao and Shun, "Shun Fang wraps up Yu Chongshan happily, in order to change Na Man " , had on Chinese history then " Na Man " say. 221 years Qin Shi emperor installs BC county county, home Zhang group takes county of arrowhead of the county in belonging to Guizhou. Wu Jing emperor always installs the the Three Kingdoms 6 years (the Christian era 264 years of) , fleabane bridge county name day door hill, installed day door county, to two general, the Northern and Southern Dynasties, all belong to 溇 of day door county the medium, county that face Li. Ming Dynasty installed big commonplace county 1369, quiet 1735 day sets the Christian era to always decide a county.

People's Republic of China held water 1949, whole area of city of Home Zhang group is liberated. Fair the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor comes 1988, kind benefit county belongs to constant heart zone administer, and big commonplace, Sang Zhi two counties always arrange a zone at coming to was belonged to in August 1952 on October 16, 1949 administer, hind municipality of Miao Zu of put under West Hunan and autonomous prefecture of Miao Zu of West Hunan the Tujia nationality administer. Came to was approved via the State Council 1990 1988, establish ground level city to need greatly. Year on April 4, via approval of the State Council, big commonplace city more the name is city of Home Zhang group, administer always is decided, fierce hill source two Ou Heci benefit, Sang Zhi two counties.
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