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11 Guilin in relief new moon travels
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Area of scene of a haven of peace is according to Jin Daitao deep bright place writes " peach blossom source is written down " medium beautiful scenery, first national AAAA condition that the rurality place design that combines place develops area, passed ISO14001 international environment to manage systematic attestation and ISO9001 international quality to manage systematic attestation, it is World Tourism Organization recommends travel destination, the portion was judged to be first countrywide agriculture to travel in May 2004 demonstrative dot, be in Guilin is the scene division that acquires this special honour exclusively at present.

Scene area is located in by Gui Yang highway, be apart from 15KM of the Guilin 49KM, new moon that be apart from this world, grand sight of amorous feelings of rurality, folk-custom, civilian stockaded village organic sort, it is an organic whole with the elegant confluence of nature, make you appreciate amorous feelings of Shan Guangshui color, folk-custom here while, if lie between the feeling of the world,have a kind of suddenly.
Whole Yang Shuo just seems a the lofty spirit of a nation beautiful colorful big park, the Zhu Mu on hill is exuberant, chang Chun of the four seasons, hill hill has a hole, hole hole strange beauty; Stone of the breast in the hole is spread all over, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, be like artistic a covered corridor or walk, be like natural and labyrinthian. Churchyard has all sorts of peculiar mountain peak more than 20000, the big brook of Cong Zhong of winding Yu Moshan sheds 16, li river sheds the 69 kilometers via churchyard of in relief new moon is the optimal place of Li river scenery, here has scene lotus rock, have inside the hole just be like 108 graceful karst cloud basins; 3 elder sister of Liu of celestial being of song of the Chuang in having fokelore cast big-leaf hydrangea to decide the chiliad ancient banyan of affection; Have the lunar hole marvellous spectacle of acclaim as the peak of perfection of domestic and international tourist; Have be known as " small Li river " the river encountering dragon that say. Still have a lot of famous places and historical sites and humanitarian landscape in addition, the Gu Daoshi below peak of lotus of green jade of such as county is engraved rub of the of primitive simplicity in cliff and county street wait with the building.

The excursion of scene area means is visited on main component water and pedestrian view and admire. Water upper reaches is seen multiply canoe direct current and fall, abandon via rural village, cross greenery forest, wear hill again and go out, on the way but via primitive form greet guest, sacred, chase, can admire amorous feelings of stockaded village of the mad song strong dance of ethical characteristic, edge again. Pedestrian the civilian stockaded village that view and admire group it is laurel north each minority architectural an epitome, stage of bridge of drum-tower, harships, singing in antiphonal style, beautiful building, a covered corridor or walk, totem, showed the glorious trait of each people culture adequately.
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