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Phoenix of bound of Shenzhen Zhang Jia double lie 5 days to swim
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Circuit characteristic: Home Zhang group is park of forest of level of the first state of Chinese, be " natural go vulture is acted the role of " terrestrial elfland, also be resourceful greenery treasury and wild animal Eden, collect " Shan Jun, peak beauty of show of strange, water, hole, gorge is deep and remote " , enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave letting a person. Natural muddy becomes quality of smooth water of hill of West Hunan phoenix, mysterious and inviting... building of foot of condole of home of Miao Zhai, earth is having old romantic charm, exotic customs makes a person yearning, afford for thought.
D1: Shenzhen,  of  of  of  of  of  of  of  of  of  of  of auspicious head  is old: The  on the train
At appointing time / the place multiplies N/582 11 from railway station of the head austral Shenzhen: 05 minutes of trains head for Home Zhang group.
D2: Auspicious head, phoenix Gu Cheng,  of  of  of  of  of  of  of Zhang Jia bound is old: The urban district or scene area
In the morning 05: Arrive at 40 minutes, current ancient structure is visited after breakfast group save the most perfect phoenix Gu Cheng, the condole turret with antique amuse oneself group, stake is propped up, hold one's head high the upturned eaves that stand firm becomes warped horn is hanged on river of a small bay in a river. River of a small bay in a river of elfland of world of view of dock of door of small market of scene of river of afterwards You Tuo, flag, north is natural craft of a tower over a city gate of door of 10 thousand palace of bridge of rainbow of bath free  , 10 thousand birthday, towers, north, folk -- wax printing of ursine family name, glass blows cloth store of picture, printing (do not explain especially among them: Hundred years ancient a tower over a city gate, east door a tower over a city gate, building of rainbow bridge harships, house of rainbow bridge art, the Republic of China allow premier, home of great master of literature of Xiong Xiling former residence, famous world, your work, ancestral hall of Shen Congwen former residence, Yang, the 8 scene such as Yang Jia ancestral temple cover a bill 138 yuan / , midway swims chiliad ancient town, lotus town, chute of village of small market of the condole foot Lou Qun of You Gu lubricious Gu Xiang, flag, king, can taste savor Liu Xiao Qing to act the leading role " lotus is pressed down " the rice bean curd in inn of bean curd of the rice in drama.
D3: Park of forest of state of Home Zhang group, yellow Shi Zhai, Jin Bian brook--- of  of Home Yuan group is old: Scene area
Breakfast succeed heads for park of forest of state of Home Zhang group by the car, altitude is visited after arriving at stage of 1200 meters scene of view of be high up in the air, yellow Shi Zhai, its distinctive stone sandstone peak forest forms peculiar natural style and features and silvan kingdom celebrated at the world. Scenery of along the line is beautiful, stage of stage of small box of treasure of fir forest quiet means, a book from heaven, Na Tianzhu, name a person for a particular job, the  that pick a bit, before garden... the 6 strange cabinet that are located in the summit, the marvellous spectacle such as the cloud of considerable nature, mist, rain, stone, tree. Golden whip brook swims after lunch, water circles 4 wonderful scenery. Full-length 7.5 kilometers from on the west eastwards park of forest of be well versed in, here scenery is special, strange peak forest stands, scene extraordinary of picturesque, 10 thousand stone, by common people praise for " the gallery of wonderful artical excelling nature " , chan of brook water Chan, charactizing a fine spring day, be like place oneself at a haven of peace, visit on the way: Pool of the cliff that welcome guest, golden whip cliff, Asian puccoon, a thousand li encounters etc scene, afterwards takes the first ladder of world 4 times toward water forgive, 100 dragon elevator is straight on Yuan Jia bound (one-way elevator charge provides for oneself 56 yuan / person) , infinite scene all stops eye ground: Martial and magical " divine arms meets " , those who be like mirage " in sky rural " , exquisite is delicate " hind the flower is round " , of Kuang Shenyi making a person " the stage that confuse fetch " , unrivaled " the world the first bridge " .
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