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Shuang Fei of Jiang Liutian of elder brother bright and beautiful travels
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The first day: Shenzhen AIR Kunming -- Lan Guifang  lodges: Kunming is accurate 4 east land big public house
Before at appointing time, place gather takes a car, past airport takes luxurious plane to fly to Kunming of Yunnan provincial capital.
The following day: Big, small stone forest -- south 7 pink clouds (dinner arranges buffet)
Visit a say stone forest that issues the first marvellous spectacle one day, respect is divisional old stone forest, little stone forest, outside stone forest, green the part such as lake of fragrant pond, stone forest, karst landforms development is typical, ground stone peak forest stands, landscape rich and colorful. Accommodation of  of  of    is Alexandrine
The 3rd day: Emerald green lake watchs gull of Siberia red mouth - lane of Jin Mabi chicken - on the west temple tower - Kunming AIR Dali
Visit emerald green lake to watch gull of Siberia red mouth, badge of visiting Kunming city -- ancient building of lane of Jin Mabi chicken and Nanzhao -- on the west temple tower, its cat head has ancient copper golden pheasant, archaic battle calls the police from time to tome action. By inland the plane heads for Dali after.  of  of  of  of    lodges: The hotel of Dali
The 4th day: Er sea park, spring of street of Gu Cheng, foreigner, butterfly -- Dali multiplies travel special to Li Jiang---Grind greatly ancient town (add swim night scene of all directions street)
Breakfast hind visits Er sea park, the far hill that watch dark green " snow of all the year round is sealed " , overlook Er sea " Yin Fan selects a site " , hill of city week dark green takes snow, er Hai Ruyu, the scenery is superexcellent. The portal of the Silk Road of south of visiting ancient time -- Dali Gu Cheng and the foreigner market that have distinguishing feature alone. Dali looks around after 3 towers, visit the butterfly spring below Cang Shanfeng, this spring is wide 3 a unit of length, spring water is clear, more often draw butterfly to move back and forth in garden, weiwei is grand. At happy continent the Bai nationality civilian house is admired authentic " the head suffers from 2 Gan San aftertastes " 3 tea song and dance, savour the wind,flowers,snow and moon of Yunnan truly. Head for by travel special have " of Oriental Switzerland " the Li Jiang that say. Li Jiang looks around to grind greatly after arriving at ancient town -- all directions street, block civilian is in the majority for " 3 lane one a screen wall facing the gate of a house, 4 add up to 5 courtyard " traditional position, of the set each other off of case is 3 Cong Yulong the Qing Xi below snow mountain shedding wears a city and pass, bring to Gu Cheng exuberant opportunity of survival. 
 of  of  of  of  of  of  of  of  of  of  of  of    lodges: Li Jiangxue spends mountain villa or be the same as class
The 5th day: Kunming of AIR of area of scene of jade dragon snow mountain
View and admire the jade dragon snow mountain that firn of all the year round does not turn, the Mu Chang  that visits snow mountain foot to fall on the way, Gan Haizi and have " celestial being expensive cropland " the Bai Shuihe of good name, look around build at Ming Hongwu year a Bai Sha mural that big treasure accumulates palace, its hold Chinese of be in harmony, accept concurrently on the west, the multiracial style such as Tibet at an organic whole, have very high artistic value, still can enjoy the hole classics music that to Tang Song period shedding hands down here -- Naxigule, it is called " world music history the activation stone that go up " . Fly by inland plane after return Kunming.  
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