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11 Guilin in relief new moon 3 days of elite swim
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Journey characteristic: Economy of Cheng of one's own profession is substantial, it is to be travel lover design, visit adequately have representative outstanding scene area, be a kind times suffer gay of men and women burgeoning travel project.
Journey advantage: Service of trailer coach of luxurious air conditioning, professional tourist guide, consume for nothing obviously.

The first day, Shenzhen --  of  of Guilin   does not contain eat   to live: Guilin is preliminary  of  of  of  of  of  of  of  of hotel of 4 stars class
At appointing time, place gather heads for Baoan airport to multiply airliner of  of late machine  to fly to Guilin.
The following day, Guilin --  of  of  of Yang Shuo  is contained early. In.  of dinner   lives:  of  of  of  of  of  of  of hotel of class of SamSung of provision of in relief new moon
After 8 minutes of breakfast, before taking a car 1.3 hours, toward Yang Shuo Xing Ping takes farmhouse fishermen, visit attractive Li Jiang Jinghua paragraph (Xing Ping, fishing village) (swim 1.3 hours) , admire 20 yuan of RMBs the famous tourist attraction such as hill of inverted image of true setting, yellow cloth, face board. The water here resembles velvet softly, green tea resembling green jade, if a mirror is carrying group of hill inverted reflection in water, be like a poem to seem a picture. The landscape picture be in harmony of fact of empty false or true can become the harmonious air of a nature, you will experience person and natural landscape be in harmony to be the wonderful sense of an organic whole personally. Arrive again have more than 600 years of histories, latter-day celebrity Sun Zhongshan, the fishing village that American president Clinton sojourns before looks around. The film is visited by the car after Chinese meal uses farmhouse banquet " on Gan Ling " film the ground " good place of good hill good water " tall Tian Fengguang and encounter Long He attractive picture, overlook moon hill, big banyan. If time can head for at one's own expenses amply perforative 12 mountain peak, the stalactite inside the hole is as high as tens of rice, male, strange. Deep and remote. Beautiful, be known as " treasure house of world karst art " -- silver cliff (at one's own expenses) (swim 1.3 hours) , dinner samples gust of characteristic of in relief new moon -- beer fish, world-famous foreigner street strolls after -- Yang Shuo on the west street. Particular green flagging, observe archaic civilian room, candle power leaves office of corridor of bar of close a hunderd schools, wine, Western-style food, with communication of each country tourist, drink its happy boundless. Experience exotic bar culture!  of  of  of  of  of   
The 3rd day, Guilin- -  of  of Shenzhen   is contained early. In.  of  of  of  of  of  of  of  of dinner  
8 minutes of breakfast hind head for Li river bank to visit by the car, view current among them, be like month of the surplus in water, hill stone hangs down to be like Jiang Shui of proboscis drink Li again into water, scene to admirable, the Tang Dynasty, tourist attraction is namely since the Song Dynasty, guilin city badge -- proboscis hill (swim 1 hour) , reach the designated position next at the urban district south, be in more than 1000 years early
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