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National Day the Imperial Palace swims 3 days
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The Imperial Palace, meaning the palace that is the past, go namely the Forbidden City that people often says, be located in Beijing center.

The Imperial Palace builds Yumingyongle 18 years (1420) , cover an area of 720 thousand square metre, floor area 160 thousand square metre, palace builds many 9000, it is China and even world existent the the biggest, most complete ancient time palace is built group. With male Qing Dynasty door square is a bound, the face before cent, hind bedroom two much: Face aether is mixed before hall, counteract a hall, protect and the hall is a center, the left and right sides complementary with hall of Wen Huadian, Wu Ying, it is the place that the emperor holds great ceremony; Stop after with center of the palace of male Qing Dynasty, female peace palace, Gongwei that reach extreme, the left and right sides complementary with the thing 6 palace, it is the wife of a prince after the emperor is mixed people live the place that reachs an emperor to handle day-to-day government affairs. Two face share bright Qing Dynasty 24 acting emperors live here and exercise nation is top mastery.

The most attractive structure in the Imperial Palace is 3 audience hall: Too with the hall, counteract hall and protect and hall. 8 meters when they build in white marble build by laying bricks or stones to become high table base go up, far the Gong Xian fining jade in hoping to be just as myth faults. The first audience hall too with the hall it is the most splendid structure, common says " emperor's audience hall " , it is the place that the emperor holds grand ceremony, the hall is 28 meters tall, thing 63 meters, north and south 35 meters, the large post that the diameter amounts to 1 meter 72, among them 6 coil dragon column that around throne is drop pink gold lacquer. Throne is set inside the hall 2 meters tall on the stage, there is red-crowned crane, furnace, vessel before, there is the screen of work at sth with special care from the back. Whole audience hall is decorated resplendent and magnificently, majestic and flowery. Counteracting a hall is the emperor goes too He Dianju rests a little before travel grand ceremony and the place with formal maneuver. Protect and the hall is annual emperor of the New Year's Eve gives a dinner outside hedge the place of princes and dukes.

Through the court at the back of 3 audience hall, have a luxuriant palace door head on, call male Qing Dynasty the door, be " imperial palace " front door, build Yu Ming to take the place of. Lion of before the door one pair of gold and 10 gold crock are arranged relatively. Sometimes, clear acting emperor holds hold court ceremony here. The 3 palace after be inside the door, palace of male Qing Dynasty is advanced, it is bedroom palace of the emperor, female peace palace is in hind, be empress palace, between two palace clip establishs square hall of form of a kiosk, be called the hall that reach extreme, it is the small auditorium of imperial palace. Both sides of 3 palace thing has gown of coronal of the emperor that put store to bring imperial Duan Ning rear after, the diligent that puts books brush and ink is diligent hall, emperor child the room of submit a written statement to a higher authority that read, member of the Imperial Academy bear of the value south study. Two side have the thing each 4, there is day fine door, Long Guang east scene and the door, door, base change the door; There is lunar corona door on the west, phoenix door of decorated gateway, Long Fumen, end criterion, lead to respectively east 6 Gong Hexi 6 palace. The 3 Gong Liu courtyards that the be used to on the history weighs, point to namely here.
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