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Travel on 11 Hangzhou water
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From this year " 11 " begin, hangzhou citizen can be taken " Hangzhou characteristic " boat of water transport boat, appreciate the charm of chiliad canal. Today, " Hangzhou of Beijing Hangzhou the Grant Canal advocate city core paragraph travel implements a program " appear. According to the program, north removes arch Chen bridge, overall length of straightforward hill door arrives south the canal of 10 kilometers travels, will according to " Dong Jingxi is troubled by, business north swims south " layout style, present bayou of tribe of inhabit a region of elite of culture of arch Chen bridge, 3 fork square of center of city of base of preserve one's health of culture of Zen of road of travel synthesis, large bag and travel of international of fierce forest door travels 4 times area piece.

Inhabit a region of elite of culture of arch Chen bridge is tribal area piece is included at present canal heaven and earth, Gao Jiahua garden, bridge on the west the place such as museum of civilian house, canal. In new travel program, hangzhou old name " a bit of a clown " Zhang Xiaoquan scissors, Wang Xing notes course of study of fan, umbrella 3 museum will be in here settle, element has " canal a bit of a clown " the Hangzhou small heat that say faints, the bequest of 12 immaterial culture such as paper-cut of vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy passes a person to show the scene art; New open business " canal other people " brand hotel will be in the bridge on the west lanes and alleys " ablaze come on stage " ; Former Hangzhou one cotton workshop will be changed to build international handicraft lane, introduce Jordanian handiwork to make up cloth, Nepalese adorn article etc.

Synthesis of travel of 3 fork bayou is the most conspicuous is, here besides can admire community of former modes of life and relation to their environment of brook straight market, former in petrochemical is big medium or small deserted oilcan, will be transformed to establish body public house respectively by place, act art and " water pillar " , especially in-house to small-sized oilcan affusion, design that shows with water shade establishs outside, have already view and admire the effect to be able to be used when fire control reservoir again, can says " trash is used " example.

The square of center of city of travel of international of fierce forest door of new program will include plaza of exhibition of a section of a highway of way of north of square of west lake culture, former around the city, Zhejiang, Wu Lin 4 parts, add square area newly to make an appointment with 23 thousand square metre, make Wu Lin wide field area widens one times much.

Additional as we have learned, this year " 11 " the bus on water of will enlightened citizen, the bus travels on tourist water, nightly and recreational professional yacht. Roll out course of the travel on 3 water at the same time: The canal -- Yu Hangtang river -- 5 constant harbor -- Xi Xi wet ground, the canal -- triumphal river -- go up pond river, the canal -- Qian Tangjiang -- 6 with the tower, door of hill of bridge of enlightened arch Chen, Wulinmen, straightforward, 6 with 3 between the tower noctivagant circuitry is mixed a day swims circuit.
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