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11 golden weeks drive swim
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Another " 11 " the golden week came, can cast eventually Bacchic with pressure, loosen the mood to go from " swim " comfortable. Deck good travelling bag, preparation drives the friends of go on a journey oneself, had thought, whether has your love car also made preparation? Does love car go a few what kind of inspections should make before travel? If encounter love car really " the strike " how should handle?

Anyhow, the inspection of car condition must have been made before dispatch a vehicle, do good precaution, accomplish cheerful go on a journey truly, make the same score smooth An An to return.

In " 11 " go on a journey drives between long holiday, it is a car advocate people be expected jointly and dream, here is special remind a car advocate people, sufficient preparation must have been made before dispatch a vehicle, because of,avoid little bagatelle, affected an interest of travel, destroyed oneself and the good intention affection with the pedestrian.

Car condition is checked before travel

This reminds is platitude really, but this it is to not allow truly really the important segment of oversight, no matter how your job is busy, must make the best of time to send 4S inn to do the car maintain in the round and safe examination, have 100 profit absolutely and do not have kill, of this repairing long, change change, absolutely cannot grudge this bit of money, any fluky psychology can bring bigger loss and trouble, perhaps you can say to turn with respect to doorway is in the home, a bit indisposition is irrespective, likely also the hidden trouble that this indisposition is safety, solve true likelihood not in time to brew catastrophe, the won't do on the problem in safety is the least bit and careless.

The car that builds car common sense to some advocate, must microscope whole vehicle, had better make a note, the file that checks need comes out, be opposite on the painting that has examined hook, avoid leakage to check. The examination should undertake from these a few respects, namely whole lubricant system, the lubricating oil that includes to examine gear case and transmission case and batholith, brake, direction, lamplight, tire, pensile device, oily, water, report, discover the rehabilitate on problem horse.

Make " road book "

According to the case that map and the friend place that had taken this course provide, accomplish the location position know fairly well such as condition of satisfy the need, food, accommodation, gas station. Can let you have to what requiring cost of time, journey so probably estimation, still can reduce needless expenditure, utmost ground saves time and fuel. Divide this beyond, even various on the road with local contact, have a meal for instance, when accommodation, want to master newest data, the readjust when be necessary " road book " .

Individual things:

1. Knapsack; 2. Shoe; 3. Jacket trousers; 4 kneecap and ankle support; 5. Cap; 6. Glove; 7. Prevent bask in frost, lipstick; 8. Raincoat; 9. Compass.
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