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National Day travel experiences the beauty of phoenix diversity
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One is called enlighten this Australian anthropologist says: "There are two afflictions on the world and tenacious and castiron nation, one is Jewish people, another is Miao Zu. Another is Miao Zu..

Be on 1000 kilometers all right, run more than 30 days, our last station, phoenix is about to be before, classics of this all previous counts the city side person of hundred years seedling and combat of the Han people.

The imaginary Shenyang Cong Wenxian that the Ceng Yiqian in the heart alls over gives birth to the phoenix below nib, that " romance and gravity, beauty and cruel, love and complain make string impartible " place, ceng Mo waves several times my dream.

The smoother that gathers between half way up the mountain comes loose gradually, wave light Bai Yun, now and then the design and color that cultivates pink shines and pass, between the hill of oily cauliflower ornament of bits and pieces, if a Gu Chengre concealed shows, the phoenix in the dream already was in nearly very close. The car heals all right more close, my heart is anxious and fearful more, have the feeling of cowardly of kind of close country situation unexpectedly

The phoenix that water does

City of a hill, encircle is in group of hill between, river of an a small bay in a river is circling small town day and night and flow, horizontal stroke of on river side 3 big bridges stands, two new bridges, bridge of a corridor. Lou Linjiang of foot of condole of black tile of a platoon and stand, hanging high string together string of red lantern light in wind jiggle is moved.

This is namely in the dream the 100 phoenix that turn 1000 times!

Phoenix, the fair look bird in fokelore; If a place calls phoenix, then it was to accept providence and favour surely.

The history of phoenix city, can restrospect to Tang Chao. Carry on county annals: Tang Chuigong 3 years, set in relief county of short for Weihe River. Classics of meantime all previous countless harships, to the Republic of China 2 years (1913) , set phoenix county, follow up to now. Phoenix, once was the city of a flames of war. Was considered as the ground of pretty barren once upon a time, bandit pilfer is rampant. All everything, the seedling clansman that is here with take root is concerned. The history of a Miao Zu is to migrate ceaselessly, suppress the history with ceaseless revolt ceaselessly. Although once flames of war in succession, in former days phoenix is like unexpectedly in fire Nie 槃 passes general, leave its warlike time, become send beauty more.

The river of a small bay in a river of settleclear green jade wears a city and pass. River two sides, irregular wearing folds condole foot building to be like a legginess red-crowned crane, hold one's head high stand firm; The city wall that gules sandstone build by laying bricks or stones becomes keeps watch day and night river of a small bay in a river, mount Hua line is worn south the rainbow bridge of old a tower over a city gate and join two sides. The green hill behind along with of bridge of Gu Cheng, corridor in the wave light with clear river of a small bay in a river of an inverted image. Harmonious, quietly elegant. Approach Jiang Bian, a small bay in a river Jiang Shuihuan delay flows, downstream of the aquatic in the river floats shake, be like that elegant water sleeve in play. River of a small bay in a river is not wide, be at anchor a lot of boats, water edge other people maintains the boat thither, leisurely ground is maintained, will meet short a little while. Now and then two boats encounter in the river, the boat is public still get on a few a little.
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