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Round Ming Xinyuan travels
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Round Ming Xinyuan reposes at Zhuhai city 9 continent below hill of old stone forest of highway orchid Bu, cover an area of a face to accumulate kilometer of nearly 1.39 square, 3 annulus hill, evenness is widened south, area of water area of blessing sea lake 80 thousand square metre. Round Ming Xinyuan centers emersion in those days Beijing is round bright garden is royal the grandiose imposing manner of gardens, all building landscape all is built by original measure copy. Audience hall " conscientious " , " 9 continent Qing Dynasty are late " , " bitter fleabane island preciouses jade stage " , " square crock wonderful scenery " the axes in composition is built for royal palace type group, in it is west axes " Yuan Ying is watched " , " flood law " , " Hai Yantang " wait for area of western Lou Jing, annulus lake has " music courtyard wind carries on his shoulder or back " , " fluctuation daylight " , " Ping Huqiu month " , " Lian brook happy place " wait for gardens of Changjiang Delta of China of more than 10 place to build landscape.
There is numerous tourist to participate in inside round Ming Xinyuan, the activity that view and admire. "Conscientious " imperial ascend the throng; "9 continent Qing Dynasty are late " highlights from operas; "Lian brook happy place " Changjiang Delta traditional stringed and woodwind instrument; "Square crock is gotten the better of condition " imperial choosing the wife of a prince, big marriage. "Qianlong swims Changjiang Delta " Fu Haihu big round of drinks swims activity, make the tourist can be become by dragon boat experience " emperor " , " empress " feeling; What the wonderful performance of actor of corridor of corridor of the tea building in garden, wine, painting and calligraphy, folk makes you experience China culture is of long standing and well established. Can have everyday in garden " imperial ascend the throng " , " Qing Gongyi thing " , " the emperor chooses the wife of a prince " wait for a program to perform, the tourist can see clear the seat of a monarchical government formal.