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Mountain-climbing of National Day Mount Taishan swims
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Father-in-law, accompanying nation of an ancient name for China to go from remote antiquity, experiences run already inquiry of have no way. Same, father-in-law dish the road is built at when also textual research of have no way, I know only: There is a road originally on the world, the person that take became much also became a way. So, the highway connects Rome, the grade that enters a top of course is more than also.

One, red knack:

This is an old mountain-climbing drive, it is the elite place of the father-in-law: Before door of culmination of this hill road, give priority to with humanitarian landscape, it is an ornament with natural landscape, the ancient building with distributinging more move; After culmination door criterion cereal deep and remote big pool situation of deep, hill is high and steep, give priority to with natural landscape, humanitarian landscape adorns meantime, the problem of celebrity of this paragraph of quite much a person of academic or artistic distinction chants poetic ode. This is called " area of the scene that enter a day " , because of this deep deep and remote, be called again so " quiet borough " .

This on the way the tourist attraction basically has: Stone of palace of a day of temple closing the Supreme Being, door, place of Confucius climb a hill, red door, be wrapped up in, 3 justice cypress, immensity of month of monument to revolutionary martyrs of building of 10 thousand celestial being, revolution, wind cuts the stone, palace that fight a mother, 3 outlook Feng Anji of valley of stone of temple, classics, premier.

Go red door mountain-climbing can take 3 buses in father-in-law railway station to terminus, make an appointment with Cheng of 30 minutes of cars, fare 1 yuan (attention: The terminus of 3 buses both ends is universal respectively village and red door, when taking a car, must not do turned over) .

2, circuitry of Tian Zhufeng mountain-climbing:

Tian Zhufeng mountaineers the line is located in peaceful Shandong to the foot of a hill or mountain, be far from traffic artery here, hill wild breath is full-bodied. The arduous degree of hill situation inferiors a bit road of red door mountain-climbing, it is the scene area that the father-in-law develops degree lowest artificially, primitive Piao Zhuo, natural style and features keeps in good condition, say with strange pine, strange Shi Zhu, it is a father-in-law " abstruse absolutely " place.

Tian Zhufeng - hind strange peak of circuitry of stone a depressed place is pretty, loose Shi Duozi, natural beauty is assuming at Home Zhang group, it is to like expeditionary swim, the optimal circuitry that self-help swims.

This on the way the tourist attraction basically has: The lane of day candle wonderful scenery, spring that wash a crane, 3 fold waterfall, Tian Zhufeng, door visitting a day, jade female group stone, after Yaoguan of pine of peak of door of day of temple of Yuan Jun of stone a depressed place, north, wife's father, sister, thing.
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