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Travel of golden week of National Day Spring Festival predicts the price will ri
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In former years " 51 " during, chun Nuanhua leaves, climate is delightful, it is citizen go on a journey most a golden week of concentration, occupy about annual 30% of gross of go on a journey of 3 golden weeks. As a result of this year " 51 " the golden week shortens to 3 days, the reporter visited river door yesterday discovery of each big travel agent, will look according to circumstance of this go on a journey, travel agent gives round quantity to follow holiday " shrink " and acute is decreased 5 into, nevertheless travel agent all expresses to this is " expected " .

Long term get heat of hasten of cold short line

The reporter understands, this year " 51 " holiday receives guest circumstance to appear to split up apparently, leave the country and long term acute of quantity giving a group is decreased nearly 5 into, short distance circuitry is mixed in the product such as Hong Kong travel is extremely welcome. "Leave the country this year swim and home is long term the market is very dismal, the big hot line of calendar year golden week if the Japan outside the condition, Korea, Europe swims and domestic Yunnan, Sichuan is cool wind up, decreased nearly 5 into quantity receiving a visitor. " controller of some travel agent tells a reporter, fortunately You Huo of short this year line explodes, reduced shrink golden week to create the effect of growing line be thwarted. According to introducing, short line swims the most welcome circuitry is in centrally provincial with HongKong and Macow, park of game of provincial island, motor-driven, theme, zoology is recreational the holy fire of You Hexiang harbor swims, shop swim be chased after ardently by the citizen hold in both hands. Travel agent expresses, what short line swims is hot be before arrive without anticipation, as a result because a lot of tourists that sign up later supply travel agent to must be abandoned without circuit.

Leave actually " 51 " holiday still has a week, the short line product that travel agent rolls out makes work basically exhaust. Because many tourist newspapers are less than a group, be forced to change direction to be driven oneself swim.

11, the Spring Festival is long term travel concentration

From the point of the situation of go on a journey that reached 3 days on May 1, 1 day those who come 3 days is medium short line swims greatly " crushing " long term, remote travel suffers cold become the fact that does not dispute. "51 " after the section passes, the analysis when a senior travel personage accepts a reporter to interview says, only holiday of 3 days cannot satisfy desire of go on a journey, "At present many tourists express to travel agent, unified exam Lv is in ' 11 ' ginseng elongated line travels. Unified exam Lv is in ' 11 ' ginseng elongated line travels..

He predicts, the citizen can execute excurse travel in the National Day that remain, Spring Festival centrally only, the affirmation when arriving can be pushed tall the travel price of two big long holidays.
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