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Medog Tourism Strategy
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Travel guide The first day, finished in Nyingchi for border card, outgoing; The next day, from Nyingchi to send township; On the third day, from the village to the La Pine; The fourth day, to sweat from the Rugby secret; Fifth, six days, from Khan Village close to that; Sixth to, from that East Village to Medog county. Line Guide Vehicles from the small rural school can be considered in Medog Lin Zhijun area in August to find office or car ride, more than a foot, sleeping one night. La Pine Township, 5 km from the transfer station can buy high waist Jiefang Xie, leggings, compression, dry food, etc., to the pine mouth 3 hours, winding road vehicle; a half-hour to multi-male La Pass, 5 hours on foot to La, a guest house (total shop, fireplace) La close to the Khan: two and a half hours to large caves, five hours into the Khan dense, rocky woods trail, slippery Ge feet. A depot, a few guest houses. Khan village close to the Beibeng: Ani bridge four hours to seven hours to Beibeng. Steep trails, ups and downs, walk away. Must be strictly in the liberation of the bridge inventory, to be the border card. Do not shoot the bridge, cross the bridge before the camera is put away. Live in the township government to Beibeng Township Guest House. Beibeng to Medog: relatively flat trail. Medog county built on a small hill, surrounded by mountains. County, 15 yuan per person per night guest house accommodation. Odd you Medog materials, 20 per pound of noodles, a Coke 10 yuan, 20 yuan a pound salt, Oh take it a day, 100 Ocean has enough to eat, oh. You need to pay attention Pine Township to Medog, all the way downhill in the opposite direction are more difficult. The other way, from Bomi to Medog, relatively easy. Bad luck of hundred people every day on this road to go, but sometimes also never quite took a few hours of a person, do not worry about getting lost. Jiefang Xie non-slip effect, to keep Du in dry, if the foot blister, prick, squeeze the water, but do not tear the skin, like a night off. Special attention to anti-leech, to put Sork, best marked leggings. After the leech bite is not felt, non-toxic, without sequelae. If you see the climb up the body, with a lighter or a burning cigarette is out. Do not stay on the grass, not to bag on the grass, must not be copied easily wipe the leaves around, and some leaves toxic, Cawan, buttocks will be swollen like a balloon Oh, no swelling a few days, in order to walk, Oh Do not even think, unless used for climbing. Walking walking in the middle of the road, not easy to go fast glue leech. Bad luck can be found at the transfer station work, 3-5 yuan / kg to Beibeng Township, 7 yuan to Medog. It is difficult to find the right way to sleep in places, and some guest houses was very simple. One day takes about 1.5-2 liters of water, the way many a spring. Extra: According to the exploration and survey expedition into the Grand Canyon and Medog with six routes to choose: The first line: Mainling County School District more than one male pulled a sweat to get a secret cell of a Magnon a Beibeng. This is a traditional road, is a plateau from the northern slope of the valley downstream of the Grand Canyon on the road. Usually takes 3 days to walk the middle of about 4200 meters above sea level but also over the multi-male La pass, close following Tiger Mouth Khan area, hanging in the cliffs on the mountain is very steep hard line. Through the steel cable suspension bridge from Magnon, to reach the other side of Beibeng area has been reduced to about 700 meters above sea level. The second route: Mainling County School District, from the crossing by the big cards, Gega to the Gala, along the river trail into the Grand Canyon. Down by the Niagara into the no man's land along the river about a week to go before they reach the white bear. Before the founding of new China, the traditional white bear from the mountain pass, leaving the valley through the West Hing La Pass (elevation 4,400 meters) straight down along a tributary to reach the Grand Canyon after River Rouge village after fed up with pagodas, over Liusuo to Gan generation (east coast), Gan on behalf of the heated down the river straight Medog Sa areas. The third route: Palong from leave on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, along the lower river valley Palongzangbu down, 3 days of mule road can reach the top of Zhaqu Grand Canyon Village, the chain bridge over the new (formerly Liusuo) to wave, cross-section of the Grand Canyon to leave the past, all the way through forests and hills, 3 days into the river below the canyon turning eight Tamamura, and then by Lu Gu, Gan generation, heating Sa to Medog. The fourth route: Bomi County, from the ancient village through the ancient town Palongzangbu River Lake, the mountains turn with the pull-Pass (elevation 4400 meters or so), Southwest, the direct heating of the Grand Canyon River Mesa area. Along the winding mountain road, travel for 6 days. Fifth route: Town, Bomi County, wooden bar from the line of right and wrong, on the north along the Galong La, 4200 meters above sea level over the Galong La Pass, southwest, the river along the Galonglanan by 64 kilometers, 86 kilometers ("64 km", "86 km "Mexican wave on the road are all lots dedicated name, also known as 64 classes, 86 classes), reached the banks of the Grand Canyon Dam. After construction of this route many times, better to go walking trails, mountains and even the season to drive a car along the highway direct access to 64 km area. Hopefully, the general two days to enter the Grand Canyon to reach Medog. Article route: Not far from the east arrived Bomi Xing, over Palongzangbu Xing River along the river dates back to the source, by the winding trail Kim La Pass (elevation 5,030 m), pull over along the Kim Song Kim down, the violin to the Kim area (grid when) by Kim Hill area down by the wood leech off the Grand Canyon river, usually by foot four or five days time. Must be pointed out that the best time to visit the Grand Canyon for the mountains season, choose which route into the Grand Canyon, according to the purpose to decide. General, he said, more convenient and efficient route and choose the first Article.