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Huanggang of Shenzhen Bay Port is no large private car park caused by tourist b
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Huanggang, Shenzhen Bay Port coach without a large private parking lot, resulting in tourist bus parking is difficult. Woo Shenzhen CPPCC members to submit proposals during the two sessions this year, the proposed re-planning of the Shenzhen Municipal Government quickly configure the two ports Coast bus private car park. Reporter learned yesterday, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of return transportation, said the transport hub through the construction of public buildings, parked vehicles, set up tourist sites and other means. This reporter has learned, Huanggang, Shenzhen Bay Port two, matching the current set of public parking to meet the shuttle bus drop-off small, but the bus stop is very difficult. "The buses usually travel organizations in the port Parking on and off basically passengers up and down. One to the peak holidays, the car-infested parking lot, tourist bus near the port had to cruising speed. "Woo said of the cruising tourist bus travel, both road congestion, but also Emissions pollute the environment. "'2011 Universiade 'held in Shenzhen, a large number of tourist vehicles, import and export sides must grow exponentially." He suggested that planning should be re-configured the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the Shenzhen Bay two Huanggang Port Travel Dedicated bus parking lot. Reply Shenzhen Transportation Committee, said in the past, this port is expected to lack of planning and construction, a direct result of the tourism charter port poor infrastructure. Shenzhen Bay Port, will be through the zone of Shenzhen Bay Port Passenger Terminal Building connected to public transport hub building, multi-level visitors to meet the different and diverse travel needs.