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Off-season tourism market is also booming Shenzhen
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Shenzhen, the local tourism market is not in the "October" Golden Week and the coming year before the end of the traditional low season in the silence, on the contrary, the relevant parties to take positive measures to launch new programs of new performances, one after another tourist activities, tourist market is not short off-season. Recently, the fifth held in Shenzhen Venice Hotel attracted start-up activities Oktoberfest German Chamber of Commerce, the German Rhine T · V Group, Lufthansa German Airlines, Jade Cargo International and other relevant parties to join in the warm, everyone has been held the fourth and pack the house looking forward to Oktoberfest. Coincidentally. The dynamic performances of Brazil cuisine and Caribbean programs primarily in Brazil carnival on Friday and Saturday night, held at Intercontinental Hotel in OCT. Halloween is developing into the following Christmas, Valentine's Day the third most popular after the Ocean Festival. In previous years, the Shenzhen area are held in Halloween related activities, had not thought of, Shenzhen Happy Valley, Window of the World, Folk Culture Village and other attractions to this year's Halloween activities spontaneously breath extended two weeks time, starting from the 15th of this month start. For a time, many full of passion and imagination, or was about to find a place to release the pressure of work and life of people have flocked to area, so in the off-season tourism suddenly raised the popularity of Shenzhen. At the same time, a total of 23 of the main activities planned in 2010, Shenzhen International Tourism Culture Festival was the opening night, Sept. 30, 10 of which were there at 9. The next 10 days, the public and tourists concerned about the Gold Coast Tourism Festival in Shenzhen, F1 motorboat world championship China Grand Prix of Shenzhen, "China Cup" Regatta will be held one after another, resulting in Shenzhen, and Shenzhen Bay, the eastern region set off a tour of the climax.