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Taiwan swims Shenzhen citizen careful select travel agent
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On Hua Na market travel agent hit 4688 yuan of low to swim recently the fascia of Taiwan. It is reported, at present Shenzhen still swims without the Taiwan of so low price appear, existing Taiwan swims quote drops impossibly also considerably. Travel department warns a citizen, only 5 travel agent have Guangdong form a delegation the qualification that Taiwan swims.

Give 4688 yuan low shop sign to travel agent is hit, du Yan of vise general manager represents the force in Shenzhen port, the may be short distance Taiwan that can achieve this price swims, for instance 45 days.

The brigade in Shenzhen port also made short distance line before this, had not planned to push at present nevertheless. Consume limitation according to what stipulate every tourist has 80 dollars everyday to Taiwan travel, so quote drops impossibly considerably. At present this company advocate push the 6 Taiwan that arrive 10 days to swim, quote from 6000 multivariate go to nearly 10000 yuan. They will roll out the near future the course that 4 beautiful class recieve chooses for the tourist, predicting price is compared at present slightly low. Du Yan still discloses, coming National Day and mid-autumn, they advocate the Taiwan that pushs 7 days or so swims, but won't raise price.

As we have learned, at present Guangdong has stay away from home of country of the brigade in port of Gongbei of the extensive force, brigade in Guangdong, brigade in Shenzhen port, Zhuhai, Zhongshan only 5 travel agent have what Taiwan swims to form a delegation qualification. The tourist that has Guangdong census register can arrive these a few travel agent ginseng signing up are round.

The reporter notices, there is a few to did not form a delegation on Hua Na market at present qualificatory travel agent is in the tourist that solicits Taiwan to swim. To this, shenzhen tourism bureau pledges the staff member represents inspect place, it is to do not have the travel agent be enlightened of aptitude to cross illegal channel to form a delegation likely Taiwan swims, this is illicit of public proclamation of national travel department. Also be not to have the travel agent of aptitude to suffer likely have form a delegation the commission of qualificatory travel agent enrols a tourist in place, their quoted price is possible slightly tall, the tourist had better be received continuously have form a delegation qualificatory travel agent signs up. Must with have form a delegation qualificatory travel agent signs a contract, ability is ensured by law. (