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Shenzhen tourist yesterday sets out go to peaceful to swim
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Respect of agency of Beijing of Thailand tourism bureau also expresses, in the behavior that attack tourist won't appear absolutely inside peaceful territory, thailand travel destination is safe.

Yesterday, controller of group of new condition of city state force is laughing to say to the reporter, travel agent recieves the assessment of the respect to think to Thailand travel, travelling in Thailand at present is safe. He discloses say, there was two tourisms group yesterday 43 tourists set out go to Thailand, the journey did not change, still visit by former journey.

As a leader of a group that heads a group all the year round, gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei tells a reporter in the phone, because tourism is the first industry of Thailand, thailand all circles supports the attitude of discretion and support to travel, won't appear absolutely the phenomenon that atttacks a tourist. And Thailand swims now circuit heads for Bangkok, Badiya commonly, do not be in the southern region of demonstrate center, and demonstrate does not involve a tourist, just be aimed at a government.

The reporter understands from net of the journey that carry Cheng yesterday, because of Thailand home conflicted on September 2 and be carried Cheng guest by the Pu Jiyou of the influence, below the careful arrangement that carries Cheng, total already security returns home. Chief of department of Asia-Pacific of the brigade in port tells a reporter, this travel agent is in last batches the passenger of Thailand amuse oneself returned Shenzhen on September 1. Shenzhen city travel pledges chief also expresses related inspect place, have not receive Shenzhen travel agent to the tourist stops at present in Thailand report information.

Respect of each travel agent also expresses Shenzhen, they are negotiating a negotiation with Hong Kong airline at present, the aviation airline ticket that will give a group to go to Thailand Bangkok recently surely formerly adjourns. Current, already partial tourist cancels the journey temporarily, the near future gives the group of the tourism that go to peaceful of travel, travel agent will inspect a condition and decide, be being decided of one's own accord by the tourist is a travel, delay or withdraw from a young league.