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National Day goes abroad swim Shenzhen market Dan Jing
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Cancel " 51 " the energy of go on a journey with accumulative place length a holiday does not have shortly to be faced in the future " 11 " long holiday gets be releasinged adequately, the personage inside course of study expects " 11 " gold (169, - 0.28, - 0.17% , ) prices of week travel blowout has not appear. The reporter learns from partial Shenzhen travel agent yesterday, if,at present travel agent receives guest circumstance and photograph of the corresponding period of in former years, cannot see everybody is contended for already sign up, the case that joins a group eagerly, also do not have occurrence everybody the circumstance that inquiry does not sign up.

Yi Jin of quote of Dan Jing signing up careful

Wu Bin of general manager of group of new condition of Shenzhen nation force tells a reporter yesterday, this travel agent is current the United States swims circuit already repletion, europe, bay of the circuitry such as new, South America, Africa sign up it is between 80 % of 30 % ~ , the short line such as Han of southeast Asia, day swims circuit had be notted start. The circumstance general interest that the circumstance receiving a visitor of bound of brigade new condition and other travel agent reflect the state comparatives.

Sign up not only ginseng group is hot without what anticipate, travel agent also tends to the price of travel product careful. When Spring Festival golden week, bound of new condition of Shenzhen nation force rolled out 3 prices in 42800 ~ 68800 yuan South America and central america travel circuit, when times name the case fits ideal. "11 " the golden week will be faced, people cannot have found such travel product. Case of general Europe travel expense is 20000 multivariate, case of American travel expense fluctuates in 20000 yuan, bay swim newly in 15000 yuan to go to 20000 yuan between, africa and middle east swim circuit also fluctuates in 15000 yuan. Circuitry of a few travel, for instance same Japan swims, be become by the design 5, 6 prices class, in order to satisfy the diversity choice of the market.

Wu Bin says: "When Spring Festival golden week signs up this year, chinese stock market is strong from top point fall after a rise, but on card put together points to still stand in many bits 5000, now, had stood at 2300 o'clock flabby, the asset shrink of a lot of shareholders half above. In common people bag little money, luxurious product affirms high price of travel agent design highbrow. " although a few economist always are complaining Chinese stock market cannot reflect true Chinese economic atmosphere, but, shenzhen travel agent has regarded the changes in temperature of the stock market as however a when judge travel market level main index.

Go abroad swim to trot along on horseback no longer view is beautiful

"11 " the golden week goes abroad another swimming change is the circuitry that is in place becomes more and more " short " . In the past, the such as that people often sees " 8 countries of European 16 days of groups " or " 6 countries of European 10 days of romantic brigade " such trotting along on horseback circuitry of the travel that watch a flower disappeared, and concentration is in 9 or the line of activity of 3 two states is much however rise, appear even Greek swim the deepness travel circuitry that reef of big fort of a 8 day, Australia swims 7 days.
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